Zoeva En Taupe Make-Up Brushes Review

Zoeva En Taupe Make-Up Brushes Review

Hi guys, today I am going to be reviewing a Zoeva En Taupe set of make-up brushes specifically designed for your eyes. These make-up brushes are created by a German company called Zoeva. I love the quality and designs of their products, so I’ve decided to tell you more about make-up brushes that I’ve tried already! The En Taupe eye set has six individual brushes ranging from small detailed brushes to larger blending brushes. One of the reasons I love Zoeva so much is that their sets always come with a beautiful bag to keep all your brushes safe and clean. This particular set has a brown leather look zip bag. I think En Taupe make-up brush set with the matching bag is perfect if you are on the go and need to create that flawless makeup look. You may remember seeing my previous blog and vlog post Golden Goddesswhere I show you an eyeshadow palette also from Zoeva.

What are the brushes in Zoeva En Taupe set and how do I use them?

zoeva wing liner 317

The first brush is called Wing Liner 317. This particular brush is ideal for wet products, such as your gel liner, brow liner and lipstick. This brush has a strong structure and a sharp line. Perfectly designed to create a strong defined line along the tops and bottoms of your eyes. Not only can you use this product for creating that red hot cat eye look. You can also use this brush on your lips and brows. Use on your lips for a defined cupids bow and below your brows for that high arch defined brow.

Beauty Tip: always stick to using your brushes for the same products, i.e if you use this brush for gel liner don’t start using a powder eyeshadow with it. It can spoil your brushes.

zoeva 322 brow line

The second brush in Zoeva En Taupe set is the Brow Line brush 322. This brush allows you to achieve a soft line around the eyes enlarging the eye area. Perfect for a precise under eye line. This brush has a straight edge (*not at such an angle as the Wing Liner). Making it easy to achieve a precise straight line.

zoeva eye shadow brushes



.The Luxe precise shader 238 does exactly what it says on the brush. Ideal for shading and highlighting. Use this brush on all the smaller areas of your eyes. For example, in the inner corner of the eye, when you are applying highlighter; under the brow area and the cupids bow. This delicate brush is just the correct size to tackle smaller areas of your eyes. This allows you to add details to areas that only a brush like this can get to.

The Luxe Crease 228 is my absolute favourite brush! I love this brush as it allows me to blend all my eye make-up together. Now I don’t know about you, but I find that the reason eyeshadow looks flawless is due to the trick of blending (*shhhhhh only you can know). Blending your make up softens your overall look and gives you flawless photo ready eyes you’ve always dreamed of! The trick for me is to use circle motions along side a back and forth motion when blending. This allows the entire eye shape to be blended. I also use an eye blender brush from SmashboxAlthough I love that brush a lot (*!!!), I do find that Luxe Crease 228 is a little smaller in size allowing better access to the eye area. This brush is also much more affordable and the quality is on an equal level.

The Luxe Soft definer 227 is the perfect brush for you natural day looks. This brush will apply just the correct amount of eyeshadow for your perfect natural no make-up make-up look. I’d recommend using this brush for highlighting and contouring specific areas of your face, such as nose and cheeks.

zoeva luxe pencil 230

The last brush in Zoeva En Taupe set is the Luxe Pencil 230. This brush is great for applying your darker eyeshadow shades to the outer corners of the eye. This detail brush is perfect for changing your look in a second. You can go from day to night simply by using this brush to add definition to the outer edges of the eye (*hello sexy).

Overall, for me the Zoeva En Taupe eye set  has thought of everything! I would always say that your first point of call, when kitting yourself out with make-up brushes is the eyes. Not only can you colour and shade your entire eye area but you can also use the brushes on your entire face (*what a bargain)!

Where can I buy the Zoeva En Taupe eye set?

You can purchase this make-up brush set online at Zoeva or check out Zoeva collection at beautybay.com.

How much does Zoeva En Taupe cost? 

As the company is German the prices are in Euros, however I have translated the price into pounds for you. €42.00 which equals £31.87 (*thats only £5.31 per brush!)

I found that this company is extremely well priced as some of the other luxury make up brand brushes can start from £18 for one brush. I hope you have found this review useful and will help you make the right decision for you when choosing your new make-up brushes.


Do you have a favourite eyeshadow makeup brushes set?

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  1. 1st February 2016 / 2:53 pm

    Great post, this makes me really want to purchase these brushes, the brushes look fab.?

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      they are amazing quality ad looking good x

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    What a fabulous post, I enjoyed reading this and feel like I am in desperate need to try out the Zoeva brushes within the future. Keep up the good work!! X

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      You will like them! Tell me about your experience, when you try x

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    These brushes look great, I thought they would be much more expensive!

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      they are amazing price for the quality!

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    I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup brushes, though I do believe it’s time I invest! Thanks for the great recommendation!

    • 2nd February 2016 / 10:07 am

      you wouldn’t regret having a couple of great brushes in your collection, trust me!

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    Great post, I have been considering a set of these brushes for a while now and this has given me some ideas on if they are worth it.

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      Hope you will like them as much as I do!

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    Lovely review. The photograph in this post is absolutely gorgeous and and thanks for sharing us with your review for these brushes. I’m always on the hunt for new makeup brushes cause they make a huge difference in the makeup application process.


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      Hi Atsuna,

      This is true. Brushes make so much difference.

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    I think I would love these!!! Thanks so much for sharing Yuliya 🙂

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      You would love them for sure! x

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    I love the pictures, especially the dark background you chose to make the colors pop out even more!

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    Hi Yulia,

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      Let me know about your experience! x

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    This is such a gorgeous palette! I also love how the crisp photography was able to capture all those splendid details.

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      thank you so much, Melody!

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    These are so gorgues! I need more make up brushes so might have to give these a go! great post! keep it up! i love your blog so much!

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    Hi Yuliya,

    I absolutely love this review! I love the background, the neutral colours, and I want that brush collection! Your review made me fall in love with it and I am ordering mine as soon as I hit Post. Your review was precise and insightful. Thank You!. I also love your blog!. I look forward to reading more.

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      OMG you made my day! thank you so much, you are very kind x

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    Thank you Yukova for your revieww

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    Your photography is amazing, what’s your secret hehe? I have the rose gold brush collection and I love it! I will defo be looking into this one.
    Laura x

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