Wolf & Moon Interview with Accessory Designer

wolf & moon interview with hannah davis

Hi guys, today I’d like to share with you my exclusive interview with a founder and creative director of Wolf & Moon – Hannah Davis. Being a fashion blogger and stylist, I constantly research fashion brands and emerging fashion designers as well as well-known fashion labels. Last year I had a chance to talk to Hannah for the first time. I found out about the history, muse and spirit of the brand and people behind Wolf & Moon (*check my first interview with Hannah Davis!). I was impressed with designs and the concept of Wolf & Moon’s recent Fjordland collection and take a chance to interview Hannah for the second time…

wolf & moon waterfall earringsYukova: How many collections do you create during a year’s time? Is it two collections: summer and winter?

I would love to design two collections a year – I’m certainly aiming for this in 2016 – however, it has been very difficult balancing time for designing alongside making and all the admin! This year I have only managed one full collection and a few pieces that we made especially for the summer festivals.

wolf and moon plateau cuff Yukova: Your new collection is inspired by Fjordland in Norway. Have you had a chance to travel there or you got your inspiration from photos, books, exhibitions etc? What is it that inspires you in Fjordland? 

Fjordland was inspired by a road trip I took to Norway in 2014. We drove for a week around the magnificent fjords and mountains, camping along the way.  It was only a few weeks after I got back that I began thinking about making a collection based around the forms of the landscapes I had seen.

wolf & moon glacier earringsYukova: What are the materials and colours used in the collection? Are they a tradition materials used at Wolf & Moon?

The collection uses acrylic, wood and copper, which are materials we have used a lot in the past. We have introduced some hand cut pieces of cork, which adds a new texture to the jewellery.

wolf & moon waterfall necklace Yukova: Do you have a favourite piece in Fjordland? Why is it your favourite?

My personal favourite is the Waterfall Necklace – a statement piece that can be dressed up or simply worn over a plain t-shirt – its really lightweight and comfortable to wear!

wolf & moon ripple ringYukova: At Wolf & Moon do you create customised pieces? What is a process to order a piece? How long the creation would take?

We have done customised pieces in the past, but we don’t really have time for this any more. It depends on the timing and what someone is looking for. We can easily change around the colours in a piece, but we haven’t got much time nowadays to be designing something new. When I have the time, I need to concentrate on my next collection!

Fjordland collection is available at Wolf & Moon’s official website.Don’t miss your chance to explore some exclusive Wolf & Moon accessories now available on ASOS

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Thank you so much Hannah Davis for this interview!

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