What to Wear on a Date to an Art Gallery

what to wear to an art museum date

Have you ever been excited about the date as much as you were stuck with the ideas on what to wear on a date to an art gallery? Firstly, you might want to look lovely in order for the person to like you. Secondly, you try to look arty (artfully) to show that you are a regular gallery visitor and looooove art in general. Finally, you desire to feel comfortable to stay confident and true to yourself, right? 

I, personally, love art galleries. I visit them, usually, on my own. It never has been an issue for me to come up with the art gallery outfits ideas until I was invited to the date at the gallery. Boom! I felt so stuck and I did not know what to wear until I calmed down and looked at my wardrobe with the fresh eyes.

Here is my ultimate guide on what to wear on a date to an art gallery or a museum whether you are coming after work or have some time to get ready at home. 

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How to: Art Gallery Outfits?

The art scene is full of observers, whether what they’re viewing is part of the exhibition or someone else’s outfit that was inspired by the exhibition — and that’s okay. Of course, you are free to wear whatever you want to the gallery or a museum, but why not let the art you are excited to see shape the way you put yourself together that morning? Consider it a sign of respect.

Another way to create a proper art gallery outfit is to research a gallery in advance. Decide whether it’s a modern or classic gallery? Is it a big or very intimate/small art gallery? What exhibition is showcased at the moment? What is the style? All this information will help you to choose an appropriate style and, most importantly, shoe type you are going to wear.

what to wear to a museum exhibit opening

What to Wear to an Art Gallery Date

Now, that you have researched the venue, time for you to decide on the outfit.


This is easy. The best option will always be a dress. Not too short, not too long. No too sexy and extravagant, but not too simple or plain at the same time. Go for your favourite dress that has some kind of detail: pleated sector, lace cutouts or ruffles etc. This will look lovely and show that you made some effort in getting ready for the date.

If you are coming from the office and this kind of dress is not appropriate, you might want to take it with you and change at the end of the day. Or…

You might be a fan of trousers and tops. And this is ok too. Wear your favourite pair of trousers, try to avoid jeans. Complete this look with the feminine silk or chiffon blouse. Alternatively, wear a pair of trousers with the camisole top, blazer and a small neck scarf for an extra stylish effect.


If the gallery is small or, maybe, it’s even a private opening, it would be a great opportunity to wear your favourite high heeled shoes that you can only wear for 2-3 hours. Don’t we all have a pair of ah-mazing shoes like this? They are gorgeous, new and never worn because they are so extremely uncomfortable. Oh, and so beautiful! Save this kind of shoes for a very special occasion and you will impress your date, no doubt. For my brave girls out there, try out the metallic boots trend – very appropriate for an art gallery.

If it is a big gallery and you will have to walk a lot or you are feeling a bit tired, go for a more comfortable pair of shoes. Depending on your style, wear blocked heel sandals or espadrilles/loafers. I would highly recommend staying away from sneakers and trainers. I know, they are trendy, comfortable and might be your favourite style of shoes to wear. But, it is a date you are going to. Remember, men appreciate elegant woman no matter what they say.

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what to wear to the art gallery


Accessories are a cherry on top of the cupcake (you!). Don’t forget about them because they are a finishing touch to your outfit. They define your style and complete the look.

I love choosing accessories – it is fun and actually easy. Make sure the accessories you wear with the outfit are made of a same coloured metal. Yes, it is trendy at the moment to mix the metals, but it is much easier to stick to one type.

When choosing accessories, remember that they will represent who you are at that first-impressions-moment (which is so crucial, trust me).

It’s easy to choose the accessories!

  • Go for simple/minimalistic accessories if this is what you like to wear. It will show that you are elegant.
  • Choose bold/vivid accessories if you are an arty/creative person and love to stand out from the crowd.
  • Wear trendy/fast fashion accessories to show that you are open-minded and ready for a change.

What makeup you should wear to the date at the art gallery?

I truly believe that guys like the soft and simple makeup that emphasises all your natural features and do not look over the top at the same time. I asked my friends, family and my boyfriend, they all agree with this statement. So, it’s time for us to re-consider the makeup we wear, girls!

If you are coming to the date after the day at the office, make sure you take the makeup bag with all the essentials in the morning. It will help you to fix the makeup and look fresh later. I would highly suggest to always keep such a makeup bag in your office’s drawer. It will save you in future many times.


Things to keep in your office makeup bag

  • moisturising cream or face mist
  • blotting paper or thin tissues
  • translucent/finishing powder
  • your favourite lipstick with a matching lip pencil
  • a blusher.

You might want to watch this short natural and glowing makeup tutorial to get the date makeup inspiration.

This advice might help you, too!

Usually, when you go to an art gallery on your own the main point is to see the art. For dates though, the actual art gallery becomes secondary to the date. Remember, you are going to spend time with a person and get to know them. The gallery is just a backdrop to facilitate this process.

Maybe you know a lot about the collection and kind of like to show off a bit. Bite your tongue and keep yourself from marching your date through the art gallery on your tour. Of course, it’s sexy and impressive that you know so much about art but does not pay too much attention to the art itself, focus on your date.

Use the art to find out what the person likes to do in a spare time and what are their hobbies, for example. Make sure you let your date experience the art at their own pace.

Watch this video filmed at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea to see my date at the art gallery outfit in action. 


I hope you liked this guide on what to wear to a date at the art gallery and found it useful. Let me know in the comment below or use #AskYukova on Twitter and Instagram if you have any questions that you want me to answer. I would love to help you.


What do you normally wear or would wear to an art gallery date?

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