How to Wear Long Cardigan and Look Awesome

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Are you also in love with these warm and stylish long cardigan outfits? Not only it’s a perfect addition to the outfit to feel warmer. Moreover, a long cardigan is a versatile piece of clothing. It is able to transform your boring look into chic in a matter of seconds. Let’s have a closer look at how to wear a long cardigan, turning you into a fashion icon!

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Best Long Cardigan Outfits Ideas

  • One of the easiest ways to wear your cardigan is with skinny jeans and high heels or sneakers. Just roll those jeans so that your ankles show a little. This allows you to look taller and avoid a bulky look.
  • When you need something a little less warm than a coat, a cardigan works wonders with ankle boots and probably a scarf. Instead of adding more to your outfit, keep it minimal. You can always try to wear a belt over your cardigan on a waistline to get this sexy hourglass shape.
  • If you wish to wear a dress at work, you can make it more casual with the addition of long cardigans. For a sexy look, just add over-the-knee boots to your mini dress. Alternatively, you can use thick leggings to appear more casual.


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  • Are you a fan of layering? Then you are going to love this! You can use a jeans jacket on top of your long cardigan. This will add more style and keep you warmer at the same time!
  • Crop tops might not be what comes to mind first when you think of a long cardigan. But they can work too! Just make sure you wear high-waisted pants to make a great antithesis.
  • For a dull day, there is nothing better than a splash of colour. Even when you are wearing boring black outfits and uninspired clothes, you can turn them into magnificent looks – how? With the addition of an extra colourful long cardigan, of course!
  • If you have an overly large long cardigan, you can wear a belt and show off your waist. In this way, you can add style to any outfit. With the proper preparation and the right accessories, your cardigan will look exactly like a coat.


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  • Try to mix simplicity with an edgy detail. For example, a basic long cardigan can be enhanced through the use of eccentric high heels or printed accessories. Add a leopard or patchwork bag, fun stuff!
  • Another way to layer your cardigan is with the help of a shirt. Do not button the sleeves and instead roll them over on top of the cardigan. In this way, you will look ready for work!

These are the best ways on how to wear a long cardigan and look stylish. Of course, you can experiment with different stylistic approaches, use maxi skirts and shorts or even tights and baggy jeans. The options are innumerable, with the long cardigan turning into a must-have in our wardrobe!


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