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During last London Fashion Week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Vielma London’s SS16 presentation at The Painting Rooms. I fell in love with a joyful and girly presentation, I couldn’t get enough of the fantastic designs and fabrics used in Vilema London’s Spring Summer 2016 collection… That’s why I couldn’t miss a chance to stop by and try my chance to interview Gabriel Vielma  – fashion designer at Vielma London fashion brand.  

Vielma London Spring Summer 2016Yukova: Spring/Summer 2016 Vegas Baby! Is your second ready-to-wear collection, if I’m correct? Did you have a chance to visit Vegas prior to creating the collection or you were inspired by the movies, culture, music and newspapers of 50’s and 60’s?

Gabriel: I went to Las Vegas for my Birthday because I feel particularly close to that kind of gleaming atmosphere and I’ve always wanted to visit it! I stayed there only a week, but I was so enchanted by the gleaming lights, the retro mood that once back in London Vegas Baby immediately popped up in my mind. Then I started a very thorough research of the 50’s/60’s period, including music, movies, and Vegas celebrities of course. I really dove myself in that mood as I wanted everything to be scented by this throwback fragrance.

Star Pring co-ord SuitYukova: Were you inspired by any style icon of that time whilst creating the collection? Who is your muse? How does she look like and what personality does she have?

Gabriel: I think Lana del Rey inspired me more than 60’s divas. I feel that she perfectly embodies the past/present connection that I was hoping to transmit with my collection. The nostalgic feeling of her songs at the same time so contemporary, make me think she would be the perfect model for Vegas Baby.

Interview with a fashion designer Gabriel Vielma LondonYukova: Could you say that modern English girl has something in common with your Vegas Baby girl?

Gabriel: Vegas Baby is a happy playful world woman, ageless and versatile. The collection isn’t thought relating only to a specific country. It wants to inspire all women with a dream (The American dream of course) and to encourage them to pursue it no matter what country they live in or what age are they. As long as they have fun in all the way through.

Suede knee high bootsYukova: Had you previously worked with Kim Kwang? Was it a concept of Kim Kwang’s footwear that made you consider this collaboration for Vegas Baby? 

Gabriel: Kim Kwang’ and I have been collaborating for two seasons now, and I must say it is always a pleasure. I feel our styles really complete each others, they are both playful and colourful but at the same time elegant. We’re really good friends, that’s why we have endured our collaboration, which hopefully will keep on inspiring our future projects as well.

party girls Yes Baby Spring Summer 2016 Vielma LondonYukova:  Have you already started to work on A/W 2016 collection? What are Vielma London plans for the next two years? 

Gabriel: Naturally I have started working on next AW16 collection, it already takes an impressive amount of research, which, hopefully, will result in a big hit. I am particularly focusing on a signature trait for Vielma, that could make the brand easily recognisable through different collections, a goal wish to accomplish by the next six collections.

So, here we are guys! Now we know a little more about Gabriel Vielma and how passionate he is about Vielma London. I hope you enjoyed the interview, keep an eye for more exciting content on the blog.

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Thank you Gabriel Vielma for this interview!

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