Top 5 Style Advice Posts 2015

top 5 style advice posts 2015

Today’s roundup is on Top 5 Style Advice Posts 2015. A new year is always going to be a starting point for many people. We write up our New Year’s resolutions, promise ourselves to get better, healthier, fitter, more stylish… I can’t help you with everything, but I would love to give you some style advice and provide you with easy tips, using which you will look and feel much better and more stylish next year. Let’s begin!

10 fashion mistakes to avoid

10 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Following fashion trends blindly? Wearing stained clothes? What are other fashion and style mistakes we do? I believe, if we pay a little more attention to some common fashion mistakes, we can all become more stylish  and maintain our  personal style. These mistakes are very obvious and easy to avoid. You will understand it, once you read 10 fashion mistakes to avoid to the end.


 De-clutter is such a Thing now! Everyone is cleaning their wardrobes, beauty collections, kitchens and so on. I think it does make sense – living in a clean and organised space make your days much easier and more pleasant. For example, having an organised wardrobe will save you a lot of time and stress in the morning. In addition to this, it will save you lots of money when you go shopping. How many times did you buy a similar dress/shirt or t-shirt, because you just thought that you didn’t have any yet in your closet? Previously it happened to me a lot. That’s I started to search for a solution! Honestly, the solution is very easy – read my De-clutter 101  guide and find out how can you make your wardrobe life easier and fun!

how to establish your personal style

How to Establish Your Personal Style

It’s not a secret that fashion and personal style have always been a form of expression for people. Some people put more effort to creating their picture, some people just go with a flow. I can’t say which way is better because these ways suit for different situations and personalities. I can just sum up. If you are passionate about fashion, work in a fashion industry or would like to become a fashion blogger or designer, you may think about establishing your own personal style. In this case, make sure you read my easy-to-follow guide to the end and you’ll be able to find some helpful style tips and tricks. In a situation, when personal style for you is a very basic thing and you normally don’t pay too much attention to what you are wearing,  just make sure to apply basic style knowledge in your daily outfits, so you look harmonic. READ MORE

How to Style Gold Shoes

I was browsing my favourite online shops to get some more fashion inspiration. As a fashion blogger, I do my research on the current fashion trends as a part of my daily blogging routine.  Last summer, I’ve shared my Summer 2015 Shoe Trends guide, where I mentioned that metallic shoes are one of the main fashion must-haves for the current season. I believe, that metallic shoes/flats/sandals/boots are able to enrich your outfit and underline your good sense of style. Gold shoes are still trendy and are my all-time favourites. Check out how to style gold shoes to get some inspiration!

Black and Red clothing

How to Save on Wardrobe

Being a fashion and personal style blogger, I always try to stay in fashion and renew my wardrobe with bits and pieces couple of times a month. I can only do it because I know how to save on wardrobe and how to find good bargains. I have been doing this for several years and almost became a pro on getting clothes and shoes in particular on sales. But sales are not the only option when it comes to savings. Read my wardrobe saving tips to find out more!

I hope you liked my selection of Top 5 style advice posts 2015. You may also like to check my Top 5 Beauty Posts 2015!

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      Hi Lauren,
      Yes it is a big task, but you will feel so much better, when it’s done! Trust me on this one
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