Top 5 Beauty Posts 2015

My top 5 beauty posts 2015

Today, I want to sum up my top 5 beauty posts 2015. I’ve only launched Yukova Blog in June 2015, but I could already say that my readers enjoy it and come back for some more content. If you are new to my fashion and beauty blog, you may find this post very useful – you can check the best beauty articles of 2015 all in one place! If you are my regular reader, I invite you to read this articles once again just to see some more bright and beautiful photographs. Coffee or tea needed, let’s begin!

Lush Oxsford Street Lift

My Visit to Lush Oxford Street

Today I’m the happiest girl on the Planet Earth and I’d like to share with you the most exciting day in my blogging life – my visit to Lush Oxford Street store. This visit is a part of my exclusive collaborative projects with Lush. Lush has always been one of my favourite brands. I love everything about it – starting from the concept of the brand, unique handmade cosmetics to an amazing team of this brand. Loving the brand and its history so much, I couldn’t help myself, but decided to create something unique for my readers, tell you more about Lush and people behind the brand. Lush is a very popular brand in the United Kingdom and around the World. So many people know and adore Lush, the cosmetics Lush creates… But Lush is not only about the bath bombs and soaps, Lush is the Universe of Fun and Joy. Please, join me for this fantastic Lush Experience and you will find out more! READ MORE

New make-up launch autumn 2015

Artdeco Arctic Beauty Collection Review

Arctic Beauty is the new glamour collection by ARTDECO. It was inspired by the iridescent spectrum of hues found within the Arctic’s ice crystals, auroras and glacial landscapes. These shimmering colours have inspired a beautiful palette of rose, mauve, silver and gold. The hero product in the collection is the Arctic Beauty Dust, a glitter powder in a vintage-inspired glass bottle that will sit beautifully on any dressing table.

A little background…I remember myself using ARTDECO makeup, when I was a student in Kiev. As per now, I remember a huge ARTDECO makeup stand in a mall, where I used to go shopping. My favourite products of that time were single false eyelashes, eye shadows (*very buttery and easy to blend) and lipsticks. When I got a chance to try a new launch of ARTDECO Arctic Beauty makeup collection, I got very excited and really wanted to see if the quality is still high. Read my review and find out what I have tried and what are my thoughts about Arctic Beauty make-up collection. READ MORE

Beauty Blogger London UK Yukova Blog

Why Do I Love Make-Up

Makeup has always been my passion. I love it for many reasons. READ MORE to find out what are they. Twit me at @yukovadesign to share with me why do you love makeup, I’d love to hear!

Urban Decay VICE 4 Palette review

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Review

Hi guys, today I’d to review an Urban Decay VICE 4 Palette for you. This limited-edition palette includes a huge mirror, a double-ended brush and a coordinating bag. Vice4 features a stunning array of colours and a wide range of finishes, from buttery-smooth mattes and shimmering metallics to shades laced with micro-glitter. Every shade features Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™, a proprietary blend of ingredients and gives rich, velvety, blendable colour that lasts (and sparkle that doesn’t fall) READ MORE

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm with sweet almond Oil and Vitamin E

My Winter Skincare Routine

Hi girls, since it’s being very cold and windy outside, I had to look into my winter skincare routine and make some changes from autumn face regime. I never had too much problems with my skin. I could use any products available at a drugstore or from luxury brands and my skin will still feel happy and look fantastic, to be honest. But since I moved to London, I’ve noticed that my skin feels terrible in winter here – it’s dry, dull and kind of grey 🙁 Very harsh water doesn’t help as well. So, now I have to look into skincare closer and really find the products that work for me. Here is my little (*or not very little) winter skincare routine divided into morning and evening routine. If you have dry to normal, normal to combination or combination skin, I feel like this guide may be very useful for you. See what I can recommend and what I wouldn’t recommend buying. READ MORE

I hope you liked my top 5 beauty posts 2015 selection. You may also like to read my thoughts about How to Become a Modern Goddess.


Is there any article on my blog that you would love to add to this Top 5 Beauty Posts 2015?

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