The Best Autumn Beauty Trends 2017

The Best Autumn Beauty Trends 2017

There are several autumn beauty trends 2017 that you should incorporate into your style. Just a few touches will boost your looks and help you look like a true fashionista! I have teamed up with Ellisons – suppliers of beauty products to professionals – to bring some fabulous beauty trends! Let’s get inspired, shall we?

Bleached Eyebrows

Although many fashion designers and makeup artists insist on thick eyebrows, there is a superb antithesis to consider. Bleached eyebrows that almost seem invisible have come to the limelight. If you can support this stylistic approach, you will dazzle with a glow!


Smudged Lipstick

Forget all about lip liners and perfectly coloured lips. Now is the time to kiss, without worrying about smudging your lipstick and appearing sloppy. This is the exact look that has prevailed at the catwalk. And it is one of the best autumn beauty trends 2017 to keep in mind.

Coloured Eyelids

There are vibrant colours on the eyelids, making a great impression. Using the banana, or else the upper eyelid, to create an effect for wider eyes is essential. Colour blocking on the eyelids is another way to magnetize with your look.

Eccentric Manicure

Eccentric Manicure

Rather than the subtleness of other seasons, now extreme manicure seems to be the trend. No matter if you want to use Swarovski crystals or geometrical shapes, fake décor or various effects, you can go for it. There is no limit as to the creativity of mani-pedi artists!

Dyed Hair

Many people love making statements through fashion. And with the help of eccentric dyes, you can create colourful effects that complete a wonderful, unique look every time. Think of purple and scarlet red, electric blue and green – these are the colours that have captivated the hearts of everyone around!


Intense Lashes

Well, there is an oxymoron here. Even though the upper lashes have been characterised as subtle, the bottom ones have been overloaded. So you can see intense lashes up and down for an eccentric look or heavy bottom lashes!

Black Ribbons

One of the classic autumn beauty trends 2017 is without a doubt the ribbons. Basic black ribbons can be used almost 24/7. You can use them on your ponytail or around your neck, creating a bow. There are many cute things you can do with a black ribbon, provided that you are creative!


This is, of course, the revival of an older trend. In fact, braids are more fashionable now than ever. So make sure to use them for your everyday looks or for a special occasion. They are versatile and allow you to mix and match different styles.

These are the best autumn beauty trends 2017 for you to choose from. Be sure to blend them in your own style and create something unique and magical. Fashion is all about imagination and fun. So go ahead with experimenting and selecting the stylistic details that make you stand out!

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