Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

It’s springtime which means there are new fashion trends already developing. There is no need to push the panic button just yet as we have got you covered. If you are the type of woman who claims that she is not into fashion or you claim that you don’t follow trends stick around you may learn a thing or two.

I know that not all of these trends will be for you, there are some items here I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing but that is no reason for you to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If your fashion sense constantly gets criticised I would advise you take note. The items will instantly make you a cooler person.

tonal dressing trend 2018

Tonal Dressing

A good way to understand what tonal dressing is that it springs answer to all black everything, with more options. The amount of colour variation is impressive, even a Dulux chart would find it difficult to match it.

Start with the colours you have already in your wardrobe. If you have got blue or grey, it would behove you, to begin with, those. As the weather gets better, brighter and sunnier you should probably go with lighter neutrals.

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Vertical Stripes

These are ubiquitous in women’s fashion these days. They are seen not just on shirts but you see them on dresses and jackets as well. I am not a fan of striped shirts but a big reason is that they often make it tough to pick the other items to wear. So if you don’t want to look like a joke, stick to one striped piece a time. The double vertical stripe is for people who know what they do. It’s an advanced style move that takes experience and confidence to pull off.


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Technical Jackets

There can be chilly periods even in spring, especially at night. So we need something light and not too cumbersome to wear.

The fact that the technical jacket can be considered a safe bet is a testament to the reinvention it has undergone. There is quite a few of them that you would feel guilty using on your daily random walkabouts. What this reinvention has done is open up new options to wear with these jackets like tailored trousers, knits, trainers, shirts or Chelsea boots. Take your pick.

spring fashion trends 2018

Tropical Print

I feel like I need to finish off with something that will you leave no doubt it is spring. This is another item I wouldn’t wear too often but I could understand others who do.  Tropical print shirts were on display in Paris including a Louis Vuitton version which made people stand up and take notice.

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