Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Look


Soft smokey eye makeup look is my everyday go-to makeup. It is very easy and quick to achieve – does not take too much time in the mornings. Quick and effortless makeup is something I am used to wearing every day, because of my work’s specifics. Being a blogger requires to always look fresh and polished. In addition, it is important to be able to have your makeup done at the beginning of the day – to be ready for any meetings or events that may arise during the day. I like experimenting with mineral makeup lately. It keeps up with my busy life, allowing me to go through the day without having to stop to touch it up. Sometimes I even forget I am wearing makeup.

Makeup is an extension of your skincare regimen, so it’s important to select skin-healthy makeup that covers, corrects and protects all while making you look and feel your best. Fair to say that some makeup products might feel a bit too heavy or dry if I need to wear them all day long. Therefore, quite often I choose lightweight mineral makeup products. Mineral makeup stands apart from traditional cosmetics because these harsh ingredients are not found in mineral makeup formulas. The use of mineral makeup can help users avoid acne, rosacea, dry skin and the settling of products in pores and fine lines. Also, with a more natural product like mineral makeup, you’re avoiding artificial dyes and fragrances which can inflame the skin and cause allergic reactions. If you’re ever in doubt, always read your ingredient labels!

The Lin&Lo range – that I used today for my soft smokey eye makeup look – is free from everything that causes damage to your skin. So say goodbye to synthetic preservatives, chemical dyes, artificial fragrances and other harmful ingredients. Let your skin breathe, enjoy the vitamins and antioxidants and get a flawless and healthy look, thanks to the easy to blend pure pigments contained in the products.

Start With a Perfect Makeup Base

For your makeup to stay all day, start with the base. Primer preps your skin for the perfect foundation application by filling in fine lines and smoothing pores, and it also keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. Consider it the key to making your skin makeup-ready.

Finally, these are the products are used to achieve today’s makeup look.

Moisturising Base

It is a perfect product for a healthy skin before and after applying makeup. This moisturising primer from Lin&Lo protects the skin and allows a foundation to be applied easily. Try this formula enriched with vegetable oils, roman chamomile and shea butter. It deeply moisturises the skin and provides a soothing, healing and revitalising effect. It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin types.

Moisturising Liquid Foundation in ‘Clear Beige’

Why not trying the foundation that provides a flawless look while helping the skin to recover? It is recommended for dry or mature skin types. Its light texture allows an excellent spreadability. Its formula is enriched with wheat germ oil and vegetable extracts, which regulate hydration. In addition, it is also a form of effective sun protection and contains mineral UV-filters.

Cream Corrector in ‘Peach’

The perfect corrector to get flawless skin without imperfections. This extremely nourishing cream corrector is enriched with vegetable oils and beeswax. It conceals dark circles, freckles and small spots. I use the corrector in Peach to cover the dark circles under my eyes. It is a must-have product in my makeup bag!

Moisturising Liquid Concealer in ‘Clear Peach’

This liquid concealer helps to achieve well-rested looking eyes. Its formula is enriched with a blend of vegetable oils that regulate skin hydration and provide a fresh and healthy look. It has a flawless texture with an exceptional coverage that helps to hide fine lines. I find this concealer very lightweight. It does not crease during the day and moisturise an under eye area for a more comfortable wear.

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Shape Your Face

Even though I am a big fan of a soft and natural makeup, I still use some products to shape/contour my face. This allows me to feel better about myself as well as underline some of my face’s features. These are the products I used to bring some colour back to my complexion and also to give it a little bit of structure.

Perfect Brows Set in ‘Brunette’

Brows are the most important feature on the face. Therefore, you need to take some time every day to get your brows just perfect! This innovative brows palette makes brows look better than ever. There are four palettes by Lin&Lo composed of three different textures and colours specially formulated for different hair and skin tones: blond, reddish, brunette, mixed and black skin tone. They feature a highlighter for the arch, some colour to complete the eyebrow line and a precise liner for eyebrow contouring. I like the palette in Brunette. Even though my hair is light, I find the colours in this palette perfect for my brows.

Sun Tan Bronzer in ‘Medium’

Every girl knows, bronzer is the secret to achieving the ultimate natural sun tan effect. Lin&Lo’s bronzer in a shade Medium is a perfect shade to give me that sun-kissed look. good to know that the mineral microspheres of the mineral mica provide a perfect, healthy glow with a velvety finish. Its unique formula allows an easy application with a silky touch. It is very easy to apply and blend.

Cream Blush/Lips in ‘Rose Petal’

I think that this cream blush is a must-have for natural glowing makeup. It helps achieve the ultimate soft-focus effect, which eliminates skin imperfections and evens out fine skin lines. I really love the soft shade of this blush. It is easy to apply and blend, also very easy to build up. This blush is highly resistant to water, tears and sweat. Available in a variety of colours and highlighters to create a fresh healthy look.

Mineral Loose Powder in ‘Clear’

The secret to maintaining flawless make-up all day. The cotton silk powder and mineral pigments make the skin perfectly matte and provide a long lasting make-up. It provides a soft focus effect, hides skin imperfections and creates a smooth, healthy look. It is also a form of effective sun protection and contains mineral UV-filters.

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Soft Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Normally, I do brown-toned eye makeup. But today I wanted to experiment with the autumnal shades and step outside my comfort zone. I am really happy with the result and cat’s wait to try more shades. The beauty of the makeup is that it gives you an option to change your appearance every day and get creative. These are the products I used for today’s eye and lip makeup.

Wet & Dry Sparkling Eyeshadow in ‘Gold’ and ‘Gilded Bronze’

Wet & Dry sparkling eyeshadows are my favourite product by Lin&Lo. I absolutely adore the colour range and the soft formula of these eyeshadows. The eyeshadow that can be used in two different ways to achieve two different looks. This highly pigmented eyeshadow has a sparkling effect and the glowing and pearly shades are formulated with different sizes of microparticles of mica. The formula is enriched with antioxidants.

Star Powder in ‘Earth’

Getting a sparkly and natural look is now possible. This unique formula, enriched with pearl powder and mica particles, provides an excellent spreadability. Apply this pigment for a glowing and sparkling makeup look. Must-have makeup product for a festive season or night outs!

Natural Black Lashes Mascara

The Natural Black Lashes Mascara helps to achieve a natural yet stunning eye look. It features an innovative formula, with a soft creamy texture, that is resistant to rain and tears. It instantly covers the lashes and perfectly separates, lengthens and curls them. I like the fact that it is easy to remove with warm water. It is a brilliant choice to achieve a natural look.

Contour Lip Pencil in ‘Nude’

This lip pencil will help to create perfectly defined lips. Its highly-pigmented formula allows the lip pencil to be easily applied and helps to create precise lines. It is perfect for lining and filling in the lips. Additionally, this product is dermatologically approved.

Liquid Lip Gloss in ‘Salmon’

This lip gloss will help to achieve a stunning and striking look while taking care of the lips. The wide range of this product includes shimmery, sparkly and creamy colours to help create a smooth and plump effect. Recommended for dry lips, this lip gloss perfectly moisturises and softens them.

I hope you liked my soft smokey eye makeup look and have found this blog post useful. Let me know what you think in the comments down below!


Have you tried mineral makeup products? Did you like them?

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  1. November 29, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    I have a limited experience with mineral makeup, I only used a few and as far as I can remember, they weren’t bad. Golden/bronzy colours bring out your eye colour more and really suit you. Also love the colour of your boots, it is so autumnal!

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. November 29, 2016 / 4:26 pm

    You look so fresh in this makeup! Though I love the art in makeup, I am at the moment unable to wear much except for lipstick and eyeshadow because of my recent hormonal acne flare-up. It’s nice that mineral makeup helps to also treat the underlying skin issues. I love your eyes makeup btw, makes your eyes POP! Gorgeous imagery too! <3 xxx

    Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

  3. Amy
    November 29, 2016 / 4:38 pm

    Such pretty makeup, and I am seriously loving those boots t0o!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Rosie
    November 29, 2016 / 6:01 pm

    I came to the post to comment on the makeup and say I love it – however I LOVE THE WHOLE LOOK! . . . the pictures you took are amazing

    Life is just Rosie

  5. November 30, 2016 / 5:01 am

    Excellent make up tips! Love the shade of your eye shadow.


  6. November 30, 2016 / 11:30 pm

    I fell in love with this eye look when I first saw it on IG, it’s gorgeous and perfect for both the fall and holiday season. It also look gorgeous on your skin tone and really brings out your hair color! Thank so much for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



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