Sequin Dress Fashion Trend

Sequin Dress Fashion Trend

Sequin dresses reminds us the festive moments such as birthdays, Christmas, and parties etc. But they are breaking free from this barrier and they are not limited to the festivities. Have you noticed that the top designers have put sequins on their designs and the sequined dresses are worn as casual dresses?  In this article I am going to explain the sequin dress fashion trend and how you can dress down them. The main advantage is that you don’t have to throw away your expensive party dress after one or two times you have worn them.

Denim Jacket over a Sequin Dress

You can wear a denim jacket over a shiny sequin dress to make the whole outfit look casual and relaxed. Moreover, this would be great if you have to go to two totally different places such as hanging out with friends and a night party. I recommend you the plain colour, vintage, patchwork denims jackets. Wear it over your sequin dress unbuttoned. So, keep in mind to add a denim jacket to your wardrobe.

Extra Tip: Wear a crop denim jacket in summer. It will give you a fresh and light look.

Sequin Dress + Sneakers

Another pro combination is wearing your sparkling sequin dress with a pair of sneakers or heels which does not have sequins.  This would add a stunning look if you give the attention to the dress and wear a solid colour sneaker.

Camouflage dresses

We always love unique looks, right? Next sequin dress fashion trend is pairing your dress with a camo t-shirt, jacket or wearing a camouflage sequin dress.  This would dress down your entire look instantly and turn it into a fun style.

Single Colour Dresses

The colours we love can different from one person to another but know which colour adds the elegant look to your skin complexion and choose the glitter dress wisely. What we recommend is to go for a single colour sequins dress because being too fancy with multiple sequins colours will negatively affect on your overall impression. The solid colours add an elegant look while giving a charming vibe.

Extra Tip: You can wear a big black hat along with your sequin dress to look bold and unique.

Less Sparkling Dress

A sequin dresses don’t not necessarily have to be full of sequins top to bottom of the dress. The plain colour dresses with sequin decorations are a trend as well. Hence, they are more versatile as well. For example, you can try out a dress with sequin only around neck line, a sequin flower on side of the chest or in pockets etc.

Skip or Limit the Jewellery

Another sequin dress fashion trend I recommend is to reduce the number of accessories  you wear along with the dress or try out the less sparkling jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with stones. But if you add an additional sparkle with jewellery it will add a festive impression as well. Best thing about this trend is that you do not have to shop for new jewellery and you can use already available accessories such as pearl stud earrings. Moreover, I recommend you to use a neutral makeup to highlight your features on your face, but don’t forget to wear a lip gloss to add a bit sparkle to the overall appearance.

Dress it like a skirt

The final pro sequin dress fashion trend tip is to give your sequin dress a look of a skirt. You can wear a casual t-shirt over the dress and only make the lower area of the dress visible.  It can be either a plain t-shirt or a t-shirt with heavy prints. The type of the t-shirt should be selected by you based on the occasion you are going to attend or the audience that you are going meet.

Extra Tip: A vintage t-shirt would add an extra casual look.

Try one of these tips and look more elegant while maintaining a charming look that everyone please to see.

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