My Visit to Lush Oxford Street

my visit to lush oxford street

Today I’m the happiest girl on the Planet Earth and I’d like to share with you the most exciting day in my blogging life – my visit to Lush Oxford Street store. This visit is a part of my exclusive collaborative projects with Lush – starting from the concept of the brand, unique handmade cosmetics to an amazing team of this brand. Loving the brand and its history so much, I couldn’t help myself, but decided to create something unique for my readers, tell you more about Lush and people behind the brand. Lush is a very popular brand in the United Kingdom and around the World. So many people know and adore Lush, the cosmetics Lush creates… But Lush is not only about the bath bombs and soaps, Lush is the Universe of Fun and Joy. Please, join me for this fantastic Lush Experience and you will find out more!

Lush Oxford Street is a flagship Lush store, which means that it’s the biggest Lush store in the World. It was open on the 24th April 2015. When I first visited the store, I couldn’t believe that there actually was three floors filled with skin care, hair care, bath bombs, bubble bars, shower rubs, scrubs and gels. In my girl’s mind I thought I would go crazy (*my boyfriend had actually realised straight away that there will be some damage to his bank account and just tried to keep calm). First, you think that you can get lost in this three floors, but thanks to the Lush Oxford Street’s team, all the products are very well organised and presented. Join me and Alex to find out more about Lush Oxford Street store!

There are massage bars, fragrances, SPA facilities and SPA dedicated products on the ground floor.

Yukova visit to Lush Oxford Street StoreLush Oxford street massage bars stationLush Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar

In the centre of the ground floor, there is a massage bar station, showcasing all the Lush’s massage bars, setting powders and the products that the bars are made of, for example, olive oil, Shafran flowers and coconut butter. I love how Lush displays their products. Being a big fan of nature, I love how massage bars are situated on a wooden stump. It goes a line with Lush’s concept of being a natural brand. Wiccy Magic Muscles is my favourite massage bar so far. I love its cinnamon and peppermint scent, it’s designed to ease away aches and pains. 
Perfume station Lush Oxsford Street Lush fragrance

Gorilla Gallery at Lush Flagship Store

Perfumes are situated in the Gorilla Gallery. there are many perfumes that are exclusive to Oxford Street Lush store. I really love how there is a story behind every Lush product. For example, I got very excited about the story behind Dear John perfume that Alex told me. This perfume was Mark’s Constantine ode to his own father, named John, and was created before he ever met him. Made with one man in mind, but representative of the idea of how a man smells; a comforting, fatherly scent with notes of coffee, coriander, lime and tobacco. There was a moment during the creation of this perfume in which Mark recalls that he ‘suddenly realised that it was the way that I thought my father would have smelled.’ He describes it as: ‘a fragrance that is better up close. It’s burying your face in clothing to get the smell of a person.’ Smokey coffee tones and a striking note blend to create a comforting, masculine hug. Love it!

SPA products display at LushLush fresh face masksfresh cleanser Lush handmade cosmetics

The last but definitely not the least section on the ground floor is SPA products display. Here you may choose all the products that will be used during your visit to Lush SPA. I haven’t had a chance to check the SPA facilities because all the rooms were occupied by the clients. But, I have a cheeky plan to do it very soon. You can choose from 1-hour to 3-hour SPA session to restore and refresh, relax, de-stress. I want to try all of them, surprise surprise!

Lush Oxsford Street Lift

Once, we had finished to exploring the Ground floor, Alex took me to the First floor on this amazing bright lift. In the lift, you can enjoy a natural singing of the birds recorded by one of the founders of Lush. Very relaxing!

Yukova Blog at Lush Oxsford Street Cruelty free make up Lush Lush Colour supplementLiquid Liners LushAwesome Lush Make-Up standYuliya from Yukova Blog at Lush Store

Makeup at Lush Oxford Street

As you can probably imagine guys, one of my favourite parts of Lush Oxford Street is a make-up stand. Recently, I started to research cruelty-free make-up brands, because I feel like we all need to take care of animals. I was really happy to hear that Lush produces cruelty-free products and against animal testing. The make-up range is very wide – from lipsticks to liquid liners that are able to change a colour once you add some water into it. Very very exciting products. I believe it’s a very good idea for all of us to come once to the Lush store on Oxford Street and have a look at their make-up range, test the colours and textures., try to apply some make-up, maybe have a consultation with a member of staff. This make-up range is exclusive to Oxford Street, so don’t miss your chance! I couldn’t resist but grabbed some lip products, so stay tuned to see my Lush lips routine! I’m sure you won’t be surprised with my lipstick colour choice 🙂

Lush hair treatments and conditionersLush Henna Stand Hair Lab Lush Oxford Street

For the ones who would like to try an alternative way to a hair dye, Lush Oxford Street store offers you to come for a henna consultation, choose a correct colour of the henna for you and try it right there. I’m in the process of growing my own hair colour. If not this, I’d love to try henna. I’ve heard that it’s a very healthy way to change your hair colour +Lush’s Persian henna nourishes your hair with cocoa butter and essential oils. It’s free of charge to try and have a consultation. Just nip to the store and ask somebody for the help.

Yukova Blog trying out some Lush fresh face masks Lush face and body cleanser Skin care consultation at Lush Oxford Street Lush

My next stop was a skincare station. Alex had chosen some products based on my skin type, gave me a skin care consultation and gave me some advice on how to maintain my skin healthy and moisturised during the tough winter time. Every customer or a visitor at the store can pop in for the consultation, try some face moisturisers, cleansers, fresh face masks, toners and eye creams. I love Lush’s fresh face masks. They are packed with natural ingredients and I feel that they take a very good care of my skin. I’m a fan!

Lush Oxford street washcards

When you want to tear away from the world, simply tear off a piece of these lathering charmers. Tear up a small (or large) piece off this washcard and take into the bath or shower, lather up and start singing. Exclusive to the Lush Oxford Street.

Yuliya from Yukova Blog Lush shower gel Snow Fairy Lush soapShampoo BarsLush shampoo bars soap bar Lush

Also, on the First floor, you will find a huge selection of the soaps, body scrubs, shampoo bars and shower gels. Lush starts to create more of solid body scrubs to reduce the packaging. Saving the Planet!

furze lush bomb washaccino Lush bath bombs yukova Blog lush bath bomb little bath bombs oxford street exclusives

The Second floor of the Lush Oxford Street store is a heaven for the bath bomb’s fans. I can’t even count how many bath bombs of a different shape, colour and flavour were there. Many! I’m sure many of you would like to go upstairs straight away upon arrival to the store to play with bombs, melt some of them in the sinks and smell… There are also some Oxford ST exclusive bath melts and bombs on the Second floor. They are very cute and look like chocolate truffles. NO WAY TO RESIST!

star bath bomb lush magic wand christmas wand lush peeping santa bath bomb lush lush santa belly Lush christmas Collection santa bath bomb

Christmas collection is available in Lush Oxford Street. I really like this playful and bright festive collection. Obviously, couldn’t resist and taken some bath bombs home. So, they don’t feel lovely in the store.

Lush Oxford Street selfie station

My last stop was a selfie station, where Alex created a selfie for us to remember this exciting Lush Oxford Street store experience.  After having some fun in the party area (* I will tell you about it in my next Lush article), me and Alex set down for the interview…I hope you enjoyed my Lush store guide. I would really suggest you to visiting Lush Oxford Street store, you will remember this visit forever!

I hope you liked my visit to Lush Oxford Street story. There will be more to come on my collaboration with Lush Oxford Street: a video of my visit, products review and very exclusive and exciting interview with a member of a Lush team – inspiring Alex. Stay tuned!

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Have you been at Lush Oxford Street?

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    • 24th November 2015 / 10:43 am

      Hi Lauren!thank you for your feedback. This store is amazing, fantastic and sooo beautiful. Let me know, if you are in London, and we can go to the store together 🙂

    • 24th November 2015 / 10:49 am

      thank you so much, Gemma! I’m actually very excited about Lush’s cruelty-free make-up range! Have you tried anything?

  1. 23rd November 2015 / 11:25 pm

    Great post! Absolutely love Lush, you should try Each Peach (And Two’s a Pair) massage bar, it’s the best x

    • 24th November 2015 / 11:25 am

      Hi Megan!
      I actually got Each Peach this time and I will try Two’s pair one! I love Lush as well.

  2. 8th June 2016 / 12:39 pm

    What a great opportunity. Well done!

  3. 8th June 2016 / 3:32 pm

    We have a fab Lush here in Chicago BUT NOW I HAVE TO VISIT THE ONE ON OXFORD STREET. I mean, you know, to compare and contrast. Because Lush is amazing anywhere! ♡

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