My Trip to Guernsey with Condor Ferries

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Recently I had the most wonderful day – I travelled to Guernsey on a Condor Ferry Liberation ship. Not only it was my first time travelling on a ship, but also my first time visiting this extremely beautiful and serene island. I have chosen to travel with Condor because the journey is so quick to the final destination! I could come back home the same day and sleep in my own bed, haha. But here are more details about my trip to Guernsey.

My Trip to Guernsey with Condor Ferries

I have started my day with a cup of peppermint tea on the Liberation deck – the weather was wonderful – sunny and warm. All passengers got outside, enjoyed the weather, took pictures of each other and were just enjoying the trip on the ship. Lucky me, I have seen a dolphin and remembered to make a wish – it’s so rare! It was my first time travelling on the ship, so I was happy as a kid to be a part of this adventure. I have noticed, that it’s great travelling on your own – absolutely wonderful opportunity to meet new people and socialise.

After I have got plenty of sun and pictures, I have explored the ferry – looked at the Duty-Free, had a glass of champagne at the bar and got back to my seat at the Ocean Club and continued to enjoy the trip in peace. I could not wait to arrive in Guernsey and explore the island.

Things to do in Guernsey

  • Shell Beach

Shell Beach is located on Herm, a short boat ride from St Peter Port with a 15-minute walk. With lots of golden sand and shallow waters, it is ideal for a family day out.

  • The Little Chapel

I had seen photos of the chapel before visiting and knew that it was small but it wasn’t until I got there that I realised how small it really was. It’s tiny! And beautiful. Set sparkling amongst a backdrop of trees, the chapel looks almost like it was built for a child. Fairytale-like. Entrance is free. There’s a convenient bus stop a few metres away.

  • Castle Cornet

Very peaceful and lots of diverse history. Wonderful 360 degree views out to land and sea from various points around the circumference.

  • Candie Gardens

A little piece of tranquillity and beauty in St Peter Port – well worth a visit to sit in the well-tended gardens or to listen to the music they seem to be having there more regularly.

  • Town Church St Peter Port

This old and very quaint Anglican church is located directly in front of the port. It has a long and storied history, going as far back as the year 1048! It has survived attacks by the French circa 1300, forced at various times to promote views of the Catholic, Anglican or Presbyterian Churches (depending on which king or queen was ruling at the time), the English Civil War and the German occupation during WWll.

There are, of course, so many more beautiful places to visit in Gurnsey. I will be definitely coming back to explore more of this beautiful island. Next time, probably with my friends and family. Especially, the trip with Condor Liberation is so quick and fun.

I can’t wait for my next day trip, should it be to Jersey?

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