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Obviously, I have some favourite Lush products, who doesn’t?! You know guys, there are at least 10 reasons why I love Lush and of course I tried many products. My Lush’s faves change from time to time. Sometimes I’m stuck on Lush bath bombs, then I move to some hand care products, dry shampoos… My current favourites are a mixture of everything. So click read more to find out what are my favourite Lush products at the moment!

Santa’s Lip Scrub

I love it! I can guarantee smooth and soften lips with Lush’s scrumptious, cola-flavoured lip scrub. Caster sugar exfoliates away all the rough, dry bits while coconut oil moisturises for soft, supple kissers. You’ll be smitten with the yummy cola flavour and the smattering of tiny, edible red hearts. Simply rub onto lips and lick off, then apply your favourite gloss, lipstick or our Santa Baby lip tint. Soft and tasty lips for the winter season – perfect!

*Santa’s lip scrub doesn’t seem to be available online. So check it out in-store or try Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It’s very yam and sweet!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

OMG! Snow Fairy‘s bubblegum and sweet vanilla fragrance all year – this is what I need! I can’t imagine the holidays without this shower gel as well. While everyone goes crazy about cinnamon, nutmeg and pine flavorous, I can;t get enough of this sweet, yummy shower gel. I really can’t stop using it. This shower gel’s formula contains a smattering of biodegradable shimmering lustre (*Fairy Dust), so she won’t harm the earth one little bit! Sparkly, pink and candy scented – what more could we ask for?! Leaves my skin tasty, smooth and clean.

Tooth Fairy Strawberry Tooth Powder

‘Oh wow, this is something new!’ – were my first though, when Alex at Lush Oxford Street showed me this Strawberry tooth powder. Do you want to know how surprised I was when saw sparkles in it?! *and it tastes so good! This is how Lush suggests using tooth powder: ‘Close your eyes, make a wish and swish. Magically clean, sparkling teeth are just a brush away with this mild, strawberry-flavoured tooth powder. Don’t be fooled by appearances, the arrowroot powder, lemon oil and xylitol keep teeth – both big and small – healthy. The tooth fairy will be impressed with teeth at their best. Really recommend this one for the once, who want to have even more fun at the beginning of the day!

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Do you have favourite Lush products? I’d love to know what are they, let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Katie
    27th January 2016 / 9:57 am

    I’ll have to try the tooth fairy powder if I can get hold of it! Great post, please check out my Lush Favourites! on my blog

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