My Favourite Lipstick of 2015

Favourite Lipstick

No surprise that my Favourite Lipstick of 2015 is red, but which one in particular?

The winner of Lipstick Award this year is a Max Factor Lipfinity in a shade Hot. If you follow my Instagram and check My Looks quite often then you already know that red is the most worn shade of the lipstick by me. I do have some favourite reds in my collection, but would like to tell you more about this Max Factor lipstick in particular, because it’s waterproof, stays for long and good quality!

Max Factor Lipfinity has a semi-permanent colour and a shine boosting, moisturising topcoat. I’ve noticed that it really stays on your lips for as long as you need and there is no need to reapply, even after eating and drinking throughout your day no matter how long it is your lipsticks still on! I would only suggest taking the lipstick with you if you know that you will eat very oily food. (*oils destroy and separate all the make-up). In addition to this make sure your lips don’t have any lip balm or foundation on when you apply the lipstick for a more long lasting effect and smoother application.

Lipfinity by Max Factor has a very wide range of colours. I’ve tried some of the colours and can say that the quality is very stable across the collection. There are some matte shades and the ones with bits of tiny shimmer.

Tip! How to choose a perfect red lipstick?

Go for a cool-toned shades, that will make your teeth look whiter

For an elegant and winter/autumnal look choose bold, intense, deep, berry shades

For girly, summery and young make-up go for traditional vibrant red, lighter shades

I hope this short review on my favourite lipstick of 2015 and some red lipstick tips are going to be helpful for you. Be brave, don’t be scared and go for red shades. Red lips make us look more feminine, confident and flattering!

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    • January 10, 2016 / 7:26 am

      I like Max Factor foundations in a thin tube and these lipsticks! Give it a go!
      Yuliya at Yukova Blog x

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