Mish London Nightwear

Mish London nightwear

Hi Guys, today I’d like to share with you my interview with an owner and creative director of Mish London – Zara Mishon. Mish London is a cotton nightwear brand recently launched in London. Enjoy!

Yukova: Could you tell a bit more about the creation of Mish London?

ZM: An idea for Mish London came about at the very end of last year around Christmas where I was faced with my constant struggle of finding new pyjamas. A very long time ago I gave up wearing pyjama sets due to my constant struggle of finding either just some pyjama bottoms that I like in the right pattern, a nice good quality material and a nice print, or the perfect set of pyjamas. Every shop offers many pyjama sets, however this faced me with the dilemma of buying a set of pyjamas just to buy some bottoms that I liked or vice versa which forever left me with random tops or bottoms hanging around that were left unworn. After having researched this for many weeks I realised that there wasn’t a brand that solved my problems, and I felt that there was a gap in the market to create my own. I have always wanted to work for myself and be responsible for a new brand which was my vision and hopefully appealed to many other people. I feel that the Mish London’s main selling point is the ability for customers to mix and match their own perfect pair of pyjamas. Sets can be created from the ultimate classic comfort pair of pyjamas of trousers and a shirt, to a more sexy, but still comfortable, set of lace shorts with a cami top. In addition to this I have aimed to use a material which is both high quality and comfortable, and my prints are all stylish and modern for the perfect modern woman.

Cotton Nightwear

Yukova: Your brand focuses on comfortable, but stylish nightwear. Why did you decide to focus on this fashion segment?

ZM: Nightwear brands out there tend to choose either the sexy/stylish styles, or the comfort styles, but there is not much in between and incorporating both styles in one. Silky and lacy sets may look nice, but they are often impractical styles (for example uncomfortable to sleep in, or styles such as playsuits which are often hot in the night and difficult to get in and out of), and they are also more about women impressing their men rather than wearing something they feel good in, but also comfortable in themselves. My brand is aimed at integrated these two styles by creating both the classic comfort styles, whilst also adding lace and a more sexy style to other pieces for women to feel both comfortable in their cotton pyjamas, whilst also having the choice to wear something more sexy and stylish.

cotton pyjamas

Yukova: What is the brand’s muse look like? Her appearance, state of mind, life position?

ZM: Mish London is for EVERYONE. I specifically wanted to create several pieces each of which can appeal to a different demographic of women. My main target, initially, were young professional women whose main aim when they are lounging around their homes or sleeping at night is to be comfortable. When you have a busy work/social life always out and about, when you are home you want to feel good. I wanted to create pyjamas which were for sleeping in, but also for lounging in. The beautiful styles and prints are also aimed at making women feel great and not ashamed to be seen in their nightwear. However, having said this, I really want everyone to feel that they are able to wear Mish London pyjamas. The different prints and styles mean there is something for everyone, every age, and I am confident that every woman will find something that they feel comfortable and fabulous in.

cosy nightwear

Yukova: What illustrations or prints do you use in your nightwear range? Are these prints created exclusively for Mish London?

ZM: All the prints currently used in my nightwear range are hand painted exclusively for Mish London. I used a fabulous design graduate who took my ideas and turned them into reality. Everything is hand painted for a more organic, feminine feel.

cotton loungewear

Yukova: What would be your dream project/collaboration?

ZM: My dream collaboration would be to work with a designer who could design an exclusive Mish London print for a new collection – this would be amazing! For now though I just love seeing everyone excited about their Mish London pyjamas, and I hope to continue for a long time to come.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. Don’t forget to visit Mish London and follow them on Instagram!

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  1. 7th September 2015 / 11:41 pm

    I definitely agree that most of the time PJs either are designed for comfy or for sexy. You can see in Zara’s design that her pyjamas are stylish, sexy, and comfortable and it’s refreshing to find a designer who sees that. 🙂

    • 8th September 2015 / 10:49 am

      Hi Brooke,
      You are right!what are the pyjama brands you love? I really like Zara Home homewear and Myla. They have sexy lingerie as well as nightwear two-pieces, lounge wear. Have you seen these brands before? I recommend to have a look at them also 😉
      Yukova x

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