Mark Coates: an Interview with a Bumble and bumble National Education Manager

Mark Coates an Interview with a Bumble and bumble National Education Manager

Hey guys, today in my interviews column I’m very pleased to introduce you to Mark Coates – Bumble and bumble National Education Manager. I’ve been a fan of Bb. products for a long time and was very driven to find out a bit more about the people behind this fantastic brand. I hope you will enjoy the interview and find some new interesting information about Bumble and bumble and Mark Coates – his Bb. experience and inspiration.

Yuliya: Could you tell me and my readers about your background in a hair/beauty industry? When did you decide to join the industry and how did it happen?

Mark Coates: I fell into the industry, I always wanted to be a chef, but my Dad insisted I get a job at 15 on a Saturday and a girl I went to school with worked in the coolest salon in town and because of the way the industry as then as a guy looking to move into it I was snapped up. When I finished my exams at school I was offered an apprenticeship.

Yuliya: I know that you joined Bumble and bumble in January 2012. How does your previous experience being a National Education Manager in Aveda affect your work today at Bb?

Mark Coates: Both Aveda and Bb. are part of the Estee Lauder Companies umbrella so their processes are similar even though their cultures are very different. When I first joined Aveda it was a small brand and was instrumental in its growth so now working on a smaller brand I am able to utilise these skills once more.

Yuliya: How has the industry changed over the last 4 years? 

Mark Coates: There has been a move towards instant change. In the last four years, we have seen huge leaps in services such as Brazilian Blow Dries and hair extensions as well as new forms of colour treatments are taking centre stage.

Mark Coates for Bumble and bumble hair stylist

Yuliya: Is it essential to get a hairdresser/hair stylist certificate or qualification to enter hair/beauty industry today? Do you think talented and hard working people become successful no matter if they have a certificate initially? Or there should be a mix of education, luck and a bit of networking?

Mark Coates:: To work within the industry today it is essential to have all your NVQ qualifications. These give you the best foundations to grow your skill set as a stylist.

Yuliya: Do you take part in developing Bumble and Bumble products? What are The Hottest products/ingredients nowadays? 

Mark Coates: I am really lucky that I get to test all new products when they are in the later stages of development, I can feedback my thoughts and see the changes in the product once it has come to fruition. The hottest new ingredients in the Bb. Curl collection is the hydro-scalp-blend which is a mixture of Brazilian oils and polymers that cross-link to give hold and moisture. The Bb. Full Potential Collection which includes a hair preserve blend which acts as a liquid bandage to encourage hair to be thicker, fuller and last longer.

Yuliya: What do you see as the main hair trend for Spring/Summer 2016?

Mark Coates: It’s all about that curl – if you look at the catwalk then you can see how the curl is being embraced this season.

Yuliya: What would be the best trick to get a long-lasting volume on a very fine straight hair?

Mark Coates:Product choice is key, for finer textures, I would always recommend Bb. Thickening Full Form Mousse or Thickening Hairspray applied to wet hair and liberally around the root area. Blow Dry directing the roots up, my top tip it is to dry hair upside down and then smooth with a large round or flat brush.

Mark Coates at work a day of Mark Coates

Yuliya: If I were to try my first Bumble and bumble product, what would you recommend to get?

Mark Coates: For instant volume Bb. Pret-a-powder is a must. Pour into the hair for volume and texture.

Yuliya: What does an average day of Mark Coates – National Education Manager – look like?

Mark Coates: Every day is different, I work with our salon division and retail teams so I can anywhere from the classroom training or out in the field. I also am involved in session styling, working on set on shoots and backstage at Fashion Week and London Collections: Men. I help to support other Estee Lauder brands with styling at their key events and launches.

Yuliya: Does Bumble and bumble offer hairdresser/stylist courses or any other educational programme? What would be the conditions to enter it and how would I go about being involved?

Mark Coates: Bumble and bumble offer a wide range of cutting and styling classes for our salon network. To attend these classes the salon must be a Bumble and bumble stockist.

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Mark Coates and have found it interesting! You may also like to read my review on Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry.

Thank you so much bumble and bumble and Mark Coates for this interview!

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