Make sure your teeth whitening experience is something to smile about

Make sure your teeth whitening experience is something to smile about

For most of us, having sparkly, gleaming white teeth is important to allow us to smile with confidence. When we look good, we feel good and our natural instinct is then to smile. However, sometimes even the best laid plans don’t work out how we would like. Choosing the wrong practitioner to administer your teeth whitening could leave you far from smiling. We take a look at London City Smile’s tips for choosing your teeth whitening treatments.

What products are used?

Check what products are being used. If the provider is not using products that are approved then you should avoid at all costs. The General Dental Council have reported that there has been an increase in the number of complaints lately and some quite disturbing reports of painful mouth sores and excruciating pain. These complaints arise from patients not using a registered dental surgeon and choosing someone who uses sub-standard, ‘cheap’ products. Often these products contain dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide or other known chemicals which can pose a risk to your safety and harm your mouth. Always check what is in the products. You wouldn’t put bleach straight in your mouth, would you?

Choose your practitioner carefully

Is the person administering the teeth whitening treatments registered with the General Dental Council? This should be the first thing that you check. Never mind if they are really close by or have appointments to suit, or if the price is extremely good. If they aren’t registered with the GDC then you shouldn’t consider using them. It is easy to check online whether the practice you are considering using is registered. You can also check their online reviews on sites such as Google and Facebook to find out the general consensus about the treatments and procedures at a particular practice.


Don’t be swayed by price

Sometimes we can be too tempted by what seems to be a good offer. The price is really cheap and it’s within our budget. It seems OK so we think that it’s too good an opportunity to be missed. This should ring alarm bells that you should steer well clear. Of course, if your local dental practitioner is offer a special offer as part of a longer-term care plan or as an incentive to try other treatments then this is fine but don’t be tempted by the price tag if you’re not sure about the person administering your teeth whitening treatment.

Be realistic with your expectations

If you have teeth that have discoloured with age and time and you are expecting white teeth that fluoresce in the dark then your expectations may be a little high. While teeth whitening treatments will lighten your teeth and make your smile much brighter, they aren’t magic products that will make a grey tooth white again. If you want to discuss what you can expect from your treatment then it is advisable to talk to your dentist first. You may also require a course of treatment to achieve the desired results rather than just one session.

So, if you are currently considering your options when it comes to teeth whitening then it is highly advisable that you seek the advice of an expert. Before you decide who you will use, check that they are registered with the General Dental Council. Don’t commit to anything until you have had a consultation and all of your questions have bene answered. Once you are satisfied and have carried out your research, then you can decide on the best course of treatment for you and be smiling away in no time at all.


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