Last-Minute Homecoming Dress Shopping Tips

Last-Minute Homecoming Dress Shopping Tips

Homecoming always takes place during the first few weeks of school as a way to celebrate school spirit and interact with your fellow classmates. The Homecoming dance is the final event of a week of celebration, and it is the perfect excuse to get dressed up for this special night.  While it’s beneficial to buy your dress early, don’t stress if you don’t have one yet. Sometimes, your life may just seem crazy with starting the new school year and adding one more thing to finding a dress seems overwhelming.

Today I share some easy last-minute shopping tips that are also stress-free.

Pick out your dress in-person

While you can pick out a Homecoming dress online fairly easily, you don’t want to risk it if you are short on time. This is a two-fold issue since shipping estimates can be wrong, or you could end up not liking the dress in person as much as you liked the picture. Therefore, it’s easier to go a local dress boutique.

Go shopping at less busy times

While it’s more convenient to go dress shopping on a weekend, consider going at an alternate time. Weekends are often chaotic with lots of teen girls grabbing dresses, lines at the fitting room, and a long wait at the register. Instead, try dress shopping during the middle of the week like a Wednesday afternoon shortly after school. With fewer people around, you won’t have to rush and can choose a dress carefully.

Eat something before shopping

Regardless if you shop after school or on Saturday morning, remember to fuel up before shopping. If you shop on an empty stomach, you’re bound to get irritated and overwhelmed and that’s not pretty.

Ask the salesperson for help nicely

It pays to be nice to them as they often have inside knowledge of the current trends and may be able to suggest what looks best with your body type and skin tone. If nothing else, it’s good karma, and you’ll both have a nicer day.

Take the right shopping buddy

While your best friends may be clamouring to go dress shopping with you, that may not be the best idea especially if they need a dress still too. You don’t want to fight over a dress you both want. Instead, take your mom or your sister, someone who will offer constructive fashion feedback, but doesn’t need to shop herself.

Size doesn’t matter

I know that we as women stress out about the size of a dress but it doesn’t matter if the dress is a size 10 and you ordinarily wear a size 8 if it’s flattering and comfortable. It’s more important that you feel comfortable and confident in a cute homecoming dress so then you’ll enter the dance with ease.

Pay attention to 2017 Homecoming trends

This year, subtle shades of blue and pink are the rage but so are darker shades of red, including a wine-red. In addition, short dresses with floral skirts are trending again. You may also like homecoming dresses with cutouts such as bare mid-riff or a sexy open back.

Remember not to overwhelm yourself with picking the perfect dress. While selecting a homecoming dress should be fun, the most important thing is having fun and building memories at the dance with your friends.


What are your homecoming dress shopping tips?

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