What Jewellery to Wear With Red Dress

Wine Red Short Sleeve Roundneck Paneled Midi Dress

The red dress is an enthusiastic and bold choice for the special event or for a girl’s night out with your friends. It has a powerful hue that signifies passion, excitement, energy, strength and power. Its ability to create a good impression is reflected in the numerous songs written about the ‘lady in red’. After you successfully choose the shade of red that is apt for the tone of your skin, you have to face another important task that will complete your entire outfit, how to accessorise a red dress.

red dress style tipsstriped sandals high heels Proper Way to Accessorise Your Red Dress

Red Dress Style Tips: Proper Way to Accessorise Your Red Dress

By planning the perfect accessory that will complement your red dress, you will definitely be the centre of the attention.

Gold Necklace

Perhaps the ideal jewellery that you should pair with your red dress would be yellow-gold jewellery. The gold shade emanates a warm tone that will look attractive and natural when paired with another warm colour which is red. Choosing a gold necklace would be the perfect accessory for a red dress with a plunging neckline or a strapless red dress. Another red dress style tip that you need to remember is that the combination of these two colours creates an elegant and regal look. However, using gold necklace may not be ideal for a casual occasion. It is more recommended to use this during glamorous and cocktail events with a dress alike the one I am wearing or a bodycon dress.

What Jewellery to Wear With Red DressWhat Jewellery to Wear With Red Dress deer necklace

Dangling Earrings

Learning how to accessorise a red dress will ensure you that you will stand out amongst the other attendees in the party. One great way to ensure this is to pair your red dress with dangling earrings. This can even be more effective when you have an upswept style of hair. If you have no concern about your budget, a dangling diamond earring will add that sparkle. Crystal, silver and gold earrings can also add that shine but without the excessive cost. Unfortunately, not every woman is comfortable in wearing dangling earrings since it has a tendency to be tangled in their hair. Here are the other options when it comes to earrings.

  • In case you are not sure what jewellery to wear with red dress aside from the dangling earrings, teardrop earrings can also create that magic. It dangles but it does not reach your shoulders which make it more comfortable to wear.
  • Stud earrings can also be ideal for women who are concerned about any earrings that dangle. It has a more subtle style but it exudes elegance.
  • Cluster Earrings and Hoops can also be the perfect accessories to your red dress. They come in different varieties and options which give you more choices.

minimalistic jewellery how to accessorise a red dress with jewellery Wine Red Short Sleeve Roundneck Paneled Midi Dress

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Choosing the Gemstone

In case you are looking for studded jewellery, there are huge selections of gemstones in the market and choosing one that will perfectly match your red dress can be daunting. One of the best red dress style tips that you need to remember in terms of gemstones is that diamond will always look classy. Pearls can add that regal look which makes them great for night events. Onyx, on the other hand, can add drama to your outfit.

Your accessories are more than just a thing that will highlight your look. When you want to know what jewellery to wear with a red dress, you should also consider your personality. As you know, you only look good in what makes you feel better about yourself! On the other hand, red is a versatile colour. It goes perfectly well with an array of accessories. Choose yours!

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What accessories would you wear with a red dress?

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