How to Wear a Velvet Dress to the Office?

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Like it or not, all jobs have a certain type of dressing etiquette which everyone must follow. Certainly, it does matter where you are working. For example, if you work in IT company, unless you’re in management, the dress code is quite tolerant. The pre-set norms are widely accepted through the public, project, an appropriate behaviour.

Recently, one of my clients asked me, if it would be appropriate to wear a velvet dress outfit to the office? How long should a dress be? How would you make such a glamorous piece of wardrobe looking appropriate in the office? We’re focusing on answering to these and many other questions.

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Is it Appropriate to Wear a Velvet Dress to the Office?

Let’s imagine you’re working at a company that allows you to dress casually. Put in such a manner, you still wouldn’t be aware of what is appropriate and not. Many people are wondering on the topic, thus still prefer to dress up as professionally as possible. Many businesses that allow dressing casually forbid the wear of jeans or open-toed shoes.

That’s no wonder if you’re working in an office where clients are passing by. After, the entire common rule is to dress at least as good as the client. In case that you’re taking a part in the meeting, make sure to consult yourself with your supervisor, as he or she would give you the best possible answer.

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Another cliché, you’ve most likely heard is to ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. Surprisingly, like most clichés, that is a pure truth. People view you in a different manner, and you subconsciously get to the next step of the hierarchical tree.

Finally, if you are feeling comfortable in a velvet dress and it does not reflect on the quality of your work, go for it. The only advice is, go for neutral colours, ideally navy or black. A velvet dress is already a statement piece. you don’t want to draw even more attention by choosing a bright colour.

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How long should a dress be?

When it comes to the length of the dress or a skirt at the office, I highly suggest going for at least slightly above the knee length. The office is still a professional environment. You don’t want to send wrong signals. Ideally, wear something from ‘slightly above the knee’ to mid-calf. Avoid mini and maxi.

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Wearing a Velvet Dress Outfit

How to wear velvet dress in the office – you might be wondering? Unsurprisingly the velvet trend is back for the autumn of 2017. Fortunately enough, velvet provides with the magnificent, versatile opportunity to wear it as you wish, even though it might look too glamorous. First of all, I would suggest choosing the velvet that is not too shiny. If you shop around, you will find plenty of options.

How to Wear a Velvet Dress to the Office


The black velvet dress outfit would perfectly fit in the office environment if your dress is not too open or too short. Most importantly, try to pair it with classic office attributes, such as an office jacket or a blazer, that’s tailored per your exact measurements. Does the look seem like its unfinished? You could add a pair of exceptionally stylish classy shoes or even heels. You will not only look professional, but there will be some sort of a mystery revolving around you.

My favourite thing about velvet dress is that it’s a perfect option for a date after work. Just change your lipstick to red, wear a statement necklace and you are ready to go!

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