How to Style a Graphic Tee

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Surprise, surprise the graphic tees trend is here to stay! But you are still thinking whether to buy a new, minimalistic, street style type of T-shirts or stick to the older ones you have in your wardrobe. Obviously, when making a decision, there’re a couple of factors to consider. Would you be wearing it underneath a coat or a cardigan? Perhaps, you’d wear it by itself? What’s the season, occasion, etc.? I am here to provide you with an update on the current Graphic Tee trend.

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Breaking Your Illusions

Sorry to disappoint you, but the T-shirts never went out of fashion. The casual style will always be trendy mainly due to the comfort it brings to the wearer. With that in mind, the spike of interest has certainly risen in 2017. The main reason behind it is that the jeans are slowly losing their position. Don’t panic, jeans will never fully disappear from the fashion scene; however, the shirts provide the best possible solution and a replacement to casual outfits.

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How Would You Style Your Graphic Tee?

Even though we focus on what is currently in vogue, my first advice is to not be a slave to fashion. If there’s a particular garment you like, that would make you feel great, there’s absolutely no reason to avoid it. Just because you think other people would not wear it, doesn’t mean you should limit yourself. You might be thinking that I am forcing you to commit a fashion suicide, but I am not, and we will get back to that later.

How Would You Style Your Graphic Tee


How to Style a Graphic Tee

Style Options on What to Wear With a T-shirt

  • High-waisted jeans + court shoes. Throw a moto jacket or a blazer over it.
  • Say yes to pencil skirts. Pair a t-shirt with an elegant skirt, poncho and clutch. Fantastic outfit idea for a date at the gallery.
  • Add some drama with over-the-top pieces. Wear your t-shirt with a faux fur coat, leather mini skirt and high-knee boots.
  • Tuck your relaxed tee into a knee length skirt. Pair it with trainers, beanie and a backpack.
  • Don’t underestimate double-denim trend. Wear your graphic tee with a pair of boyfriend jeans, vintage denim jacket, velvet boots and hat.

If you are still struggling to come up with the style ideas, reach out to me via email and book a fashion advice session with me.

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Business Side of Things

During the previous decades, cultural idols such as Metallica, The Ramones or even Star Wars sequel determined the graphic tees trends. Their logo, characters, quotes, band members, etc. were feeding the mouths of many retailers. As those got widely spread, the Tee Mania quickly fell off the charts. Only to be reborn years later into the other side of the spectrum.

Distributors and retailers have shown a trend in T-shirts with limited editions, specific logos or labels. The “Don’t Kill My Vibe” front logo Tee might’ve been quite popular 3 years ago, but you will hardly ever see anyone wearing that nowadays. People are tired of being one of many. Each person is looking for uniqueness.

Some retailers report that the graphic tees represent around a third of their business, which is massive in the clothing business, where retailers have a large diversity of products. The current graphic tees trend is to have clean, bold elements that clearly state a message in a sophisticated manner.


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A ‘new’ graphic t-shirt trend with bold statements and sometimes provocative pictures comes from the fact that people are sick and tired of authority. Graphic Tees are a well designed, beautiful, yet cheap way of protesting against the system, against your parents and most importantly against the people of power. You could express your identity freely, and that is all that matters.


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