How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip and Where to go in Europe

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Recently my friend got back from a 1-year trip around the world. Following his trip during the entire year on social media made me think that I want to travel more and see more places too. Hey, I am young, free and I want to enjoy my life to its fullest!  – I told myself. So, let the adventure begin. Today I am sharing how to plan the perfect road trip. Moreover, I am sharing the most scenic European road trips I am adding to my travel bucket list.

the most scenic European road trips

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips—where you take a long car ride and hit many stops on the way—present their own set of challenges (and opportunities). Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you plan.

  • Make sure you book your essential car service before you are going on the trip. In the weeks leading up to your adventure, you need to make sure that your vehicle is in prime condition. This is important for you and your passenger’s safety, and a healthy vehicle won’t break down on you in the middle of nowhere.
  • Plan your route and stops before you leave. Use apps like RoadTrippers and OnTheWay.
  • Have a solid budget + extra money. And maybe even an ’emergency’ credit card. For example, be sure to include food and lodging in your budget, as well as any fun stuff you plan on doing along the way.
  • Pack your car like a pro – make sure you have all of the important stuff first.
  • Preload your phone with entertainment options. The days of regional radio offering a musical or informational palette that you can’t find anywhere else are almost all but gone, so tapping into the local vibe via radio is far less satisfying than it used to be. That means you’ll want to make sure your phone is set to keep you entertained over the long hours of driving, whether you’re tapping into your own collection of music, streaming tunes via an app like Spotify or Pandora, or listening to your favourite podcasts.


Where to go in Europe

1. Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

There’s little wonder that sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts head to the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse – High Alpine Road, which passes through the Hohe Tauern National Park – in their droves. It’s not just the stunning, seemingly limitless views over the range of 37 mountains as the road climbs to 2,504 metres that draw them in, but a series of 36 challenging, tyre-squealing hairpin bends too.

2. Verdon Gorge circuit, France

Provence is the most seductive region of France – and here’s a drive to experience it at its finest. From the sensual abundance of one of the south’s livelier little market towns, it reaches through natural grandeur to spiritual splendour, indicating along the way how man has, for centuries, accommodated for both.

3. Romantische Strasse, Germany

With its fairy-tale castles, palaces, imposing walled towns and natural wonders, this winding route through the southern German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg didn’t earn its name lightly. There’s architectural romance from the outset at Würzburg’s Residenz, a palace whose grand central staircase is overtopped by a vast ceiling fresco of the four continents, by Tiepolo.

4. Route One, Iceland

No landscape in Europe comes near the spectacular extremes of Iceland’s volcanoes, lava fields, as deserts, waterfalls, hot springs and geysers. And the best way to see them is from the great Route One road, which circumnavigates the island. In some parts, it is so remote from civilisation that the last link in the circuit was only completed in 1974, and some sections are still laid to gravel rather than tarmac.

5. The Military Road, Isle of Wight

It’s short, but it’s incredibly sweet. As you drive around the southern tip of the Isle of Wight from east coast to west, the A3055 coast road climbs to the lower reaches of St Catherine’s Down, curves above Blackgang Chine, and then, all of a sudden, reveals a panoramic view of the south-west coast of the Island curving away ahead and below you.

6. Ring of Kerry, Ireland

The Ring of Kerry is justly famous: this driving route encircling Ireland’s Iveragh peninsula takes in some of the island’s most remarkable landscapes. The splendid scenery of the Killarney National Park, with its lakes and green uplands, opens and closes the drive; and the Macgillicuddy’s Reeks mountain range looms over the area.

7. Amalfi Coast, Italy

South Italy is one of the best vacation destinations for a European road trip. Driving the Amalfi Coast will take any traveller back in time, with the beautiful architecture of Italy on full display. From town to town, taking the tour of the Amalfi Coast leads travellers from one incredible destination to another. It’s the mix of history, architecture, food and scenery that makes this one of the best road trips in Europe.

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