How to Find the Best Pants for Your Body Type

How to Find the Best Pants for Your Body Type

We recognise that determining your body type can be aggravating. There’s no universal index of key terms or measurements and even if you find a system you like, it doesn’t always apply to the article of clothing you’re trying to flatter your figure with. For example, it may be helpful to know you’re an inverted triangle when searching for a blazer, but what does that mean for trousers? And what do you do if you identify with more than one body type? Oh, the confusion!

Regardless of your body type, there is sure a pant that fits you well. We all have different body shapes, which is why it makes sense to learn a little bit more about how to find the best pants for your body type. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you. Here is a brief look at them.

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Sleek body shape

If you are short and sleek, wear cropped pants hemmed to hit just above your calves – this will make you appear taller. Moreover, choose pants that have front creases or front pleats as well as pinstripe pants if you would like to elongate the silhouette.

Pressed-creased pants a good fit for petite and small frames, creating a strong vertical line that will make you appear taller. Don’t forget to wear heels. For example, classic court shoes will elongate your legs visually and make you look very elegant!

Hourglass shaped body

Tall and slim

Tall and slim people will need to wear different kinds of pants. High-waisted trousers, in particular, help to balance the body proportions. They’ll draw attention to and flatter the area between your shoulders and hips effortlessly. Ideally, you should go for pants that have a hem that is one-eighth of an inch from the ground. In addition, wear trousers that have pleats and bold details as well as cuffs.

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Pear or apple shaped body

For women who have a fuller midsection, wide-leg trousers are fantastic for elongating the silhouette. Wide-leg pants are ideal for a pear shaped or apple-shaped body types. They will help to hide the wide hips and also help elongate the silhouette. At the same time, be sure to minimise prints and structured fabrics as these will attenuate your curves. Of course, don’t forget about wearing heels, maybe even with the platform. They will make you look taller and slimmer.


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Hourglass shaped body

A pair of cropped trousers is excellent for an hourglass silhouette because they don’t appear overwhelming on the figure. At the same time, you can also go with pants that are slightly flared as these help in highlighting your curves in the right manner. High-waisted black pants also look good on people whose has an hourglass body shape. They will make your hips area look smaller.


High waisted peg trousers

High-waisted peg trousers are also a good option for an hourglass body shape. In fact, these are the perfect office outfit trousers. This season, high waisted pants are all the rage. They were originally popularised in the eighties and today they have come back into fashion. High waisted peg trousers, in particular, are very popular among older women who want to cover more of their bodies. In addition, these pants are also very popular among fashionistas as well as trendsetters. The nice thing about wearing high waisted peg trousers is that they help to cover up flaws in the body, especially among those who own a plus size body.

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To get the most out of your high waisted peg trousers you need to make sure that you pick the correct size. Also, make sure that you wear them with the right top, which you can tuck in the trousers or wear with the belt over it. This will help you to underline the waistline and look slimmer.


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    August 10, 2017 / 1:00 am

    Excellent post and recomendations! I love those red pants , they look very bold and very chic! The whole outfit and photos are gorgeous!

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