Here’s How To Impress A Potential Employer

Here's How To Impress A Potential Employer

Finding a new job is challenging, especially when you consider the fact that many other people will be applying for the same jobs you are. It’s important to find ways to stand out from the pack; taking steps to improve your chances of getting the job and impressing your potential employer.

So, whether you are applying for your first job or currently in the process of trying to change career, these are some of the things you need to do to make a potential employer fall head over heels in love with you (not literally).

#1: Work on your skills

You know you need to work on the skills relevant for your job, so you should consider both voluntary work and training to enhance your experience and increase your qualifications. These will both stand out on your resumé and are essential if you want to impress your potential employer. However, you should work on your real-world skills too; perhaps improving your relationship with money with these AAT Qualifications, and/or by taking courses in public 

speaking, networking, and other practical courses. Not only will these courses prove useful in most employment situations, but they will also show an employer that you have taken steps to better yourself. If other candidates haven’t bothered to follow suit, then you will automatically rise above them.

#2: Produce an excellent resumé

When it comes to your resumé, you need to focus on two things. The first is the content on the page, and the second is the way you present that content. So, finding ways to prove your worth is a must, so be sure to highlight all of your qualifications, as well as the relevant experiences that will enhance your chances. And then find creative ways to present that on the page, so that your resumé looks markedly different to those black and white Word documents that other candidates will be handing in. You might want to add colour to your page, as well as pictures where appropriate. Check out these creative resumé examples for some inspiration, and consider handing in something with similar visual appeal. Not only will your resumé then stand out in the pile, but it will also show your creative and imaginative side to the employer.

#3: Do your homework

You can almost guarantee that at the interview stage, the employer will ask you these two questions.

What do you know about our company?

Why did you apply for a job with us?

If you don’t have the relevant answers, then it will be clear that you haven’t done your homework. Therefore, find out as much about the company as you can. Look at their website, find out more about their values and mission statement, and look into their history. The more info you gather, the more you will be able to convey at the interview for both questions. You can impress the employer with your knowledge of the company, and that knowledge should form the foundation to why you applied for a job with the company in the first place. 

With evidence that you have done your homework, you will impress the employer. To increase your chances further, here are some other tips for impressing at interview. Read them, heed them, and take steps to achieve them on interview day.

So, I hope you found these suggestions useful. By honing your skills, dazzling with your resumé, and doing your homework into the company you are applying to, you should impress your potential employer. Please leave us a comment with your thoughts and any other suggestions for our readers.

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