How to get the most of your makeup collection?

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Hi guys, today I’d like to give you some tips on how I get the most of my makeup collection. So, if you want to know some secrets, tips and advice keep on reading!

Before we start I have to admit that I’m a beauty cholic. I love to do make-up, go to the shops to browse new beauty launches, I constantly watch Youtuber’s makeup hauls and I write and film about make-up and beauty on my blog too. Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by mum’s makeup collection. Even though we lived in a Post-Soviet country and there was now ability to get almost any makeup anywhere, my mum still managed to have a small makeup collection consisting of mascara (*in a box with a weird plastic brush), couple of carrot-red lipsticks, really weird blue and navy eyeshadows with sparkles in it  and powder. So you can imagine what I was doing the second after she would leave for work. A little girl’s heaven!

How to get the most of your makeup collection?

When I was 13 I went to my first makeup artist class and this is where my journey began. Since then I’ve managed to explore many luxury and affordable brands, developed my own make-up taste and most important I’ve learnt about how to take care of your products so they last for longer. If you want to learn how to get the most of what you have, not only you need to know how to keep your collection nice and clean, but also how to be creative, buy versatile products and more.

why to keep your makeup brushes clean Keep your makeup collection clean

I feel like this is the most important rule for me. I’ve realised that when my make-up and brushes are clean they tend to last for longer and more pleasant to use. Therefore I clean my makeup brushes every week.  Yes, I do and I recommend you to do the same if you want to have clear skin! Recently I had a chat with my friend. She has a very problematic skin and acne. I’ve talked with her for a while about her skincare routine and was extremely surprised to hear that she never cleans brushes. NEVER! Isn’t it sad?

So I recommend to cleaning brushes every week (or two, if you don’t use make-up too much) and your sponge or Beauty Blender after every use. In terms of make-up, I do clean it as well. What do I mean? I clean my palettes, makeup holders, boxes, brushes handles with some alcohol and tissue. This helps me to avoid contact with bacteria and stops bacteria to grow if there is any. I may sound too much as a clean freak (*which I am), but I prefer to have clear skin and enjoy makeup application process.

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muji acrylic storage for makeup collection

Keep your makeup collection organised

I hope you were not turned off by my first rule and still reading. The next step to enjoying your make-up collection fully is to keep it organised. It doesn’t matter if you have only 5 items or 500 (*or 5000) beauty products it always helps to know where to find thing. I would suggest getting a small make-up case, if you have a nice and small collection of make-up essential. It’s good to keep everything in one place. If your collection is bigger and you have a selection of everything – couple of foundations, primers, mascaras, lipsticks, palettes and so on  – I would highly recommend to organise it by departments.

For example:

I keep my eyeshadow palettes and face products such as primers, foundations, blushers in two separate boxes from a monthly beauty subscription service.

I store my brushes in two separate cups – one for eye make-up, another one holds my face brushes. This cups were initially candles, but I re-used them once candles were burnt.

I keep my lipsticks, mascaras, single eyeshadows, pigments in the acrylic makeup organiser. Mine has 3 levels and it’s more than enough for now.

how do I organise your beauty products

Be creative with your collection

What do I mean? Some people think that they can’t do a perfect make-up because they don’t have enough money to buy all new launches, luxurious brand’s make-up and their newest mascara was bought 3 years ago. But this is a mistake. You just have to be creative and think outside the box. Make-up is fun and you should not struggle with it. Here are my little examples of how to use make-up products in an unusual way.

Use your single eyeshadow of the lightest shade as a highlighter. Surprise-surprise, you don’t have to spend £10-50 on your new highlighter that everyone raves about. Oh, I hear you asking: ‘Yuliya, what do I do if I want an illuminating primer or liquid highlighter?

Beauty Tip: for extending your makeup collection: mix a little bit of your eyeshadow with face moisturiser and apply as a primer before foundation or as a liquid highlighter on your cheek bone, tip of the nose and cupid’s bow. Trust me guys, you can just use what you already have to achieve flawless trendy makeup. And please send me a tweet @yukovadesign if you never heard about this highlighter tip! (*or just to say ‘Hi’)

Use only 1 brush to complete full face make-up. In my favourite powder brush review, I’ve mentioned that I can only use 1 brush to apply all powder products. I invite you to read it to find out more.

Use water instead of MAC Fix+. Yes, setting sprays will give you a longer and better effect, but water can still help you to reduce a powder(y) make-up look.

Use lipstick instead of blusher. Just make sure you start from applying a little bit of product and layer it as you go.

This is how I recommend to act to get the most of your makeup collection. I hope you enjoyed the blogpost and have found it useful. You might also like to read about my experience of getting semi permanent make-up!

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What are your makeup collection tips? Do you wash your make-up brushes regularly?

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  1. 10th May 2016 / 7:02 pm

    Great post! I’m so bad with my makeup so this comes in super handy xx


  2. 10th May 2016 / 10:18 pm

    I’m also a beautyholic, I’m addicted to makeup! I’m so not good at keeping my collection organised, so thank you for the great advice, it’s very helpful!

    xo, Esther

    • 10th May 2016 / 10:47 pm

      You are welcome, Eshter! I’m glad you found it useful x

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