Complete Pixi Rose Flash Balm Review

Finding the right solution for your skin problem is not an easy task. Your situation can get even more complicated if you have a sensitive skin. A lot of products claim that they have the right level of sensitivity, but there are some types of skin that require an extra care. Especially the skins that are sensitive to certain ingredients. The perfect way to treat this skin is to use an all-natural product that contains no additives and chemical solution.

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Recently I joined Pixi team for a bouquet workshop in London, Jane Packer Flower School. During the event, I got lucky to create my own bespoke bouquet as well as was introduced to Pixi products infused with rose. All of the products looked fabulous. So, of course, I could not wait to test them. Today I share my review of Pixi Rose Flash Balm.

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What is Pixi Rose Flash Balm?

The Rose Flash Balm is one of the most recent products that were released by Pixi. This particular balm is oil-free and swiftly absorbed. This 3-in-1 formula has a brightening and moisturising ability that will give life to your tired skin. It is great as a revitalising mask, as well as a primer to prep skin for flawless makeup application. It offers all the benefits that the rose water can give you by applying it on a regular basis.

How to Apply Pixi Rose Flash Balm


It has a thick texture that aids people when applying their make-up. This balm allows their make-up to stay in place for hours without the annoying smudges and smears. Moreover, Pixi Rose Flash Balm contains a high dose of antioxidants that will protect your skin from oxidative stress and damages.

Perhaps the efficacy of the Pixi Rose Flash Balm is all thanks to its key ingredient – the rose water. Rose water has an anti-inflammatory attribute that makes it a potent solution for acne and other skin problems. Normally, cosmetic companies are treating skin inflammation using chemical solution. This skincare product provides a natural approach to treat skin irritation and redness. FYI: rose water has been proven effective against Rosacea and Eczema.

What is Pixi Rose Flash Balm

How to Apply Pixi Rose Flash Balm?

You may use Pixi by Petra Rose Flash Balm as a face mask or skin primer.

  • With regards to skin priming, use your favourite cleanser and toner first before applying this to your skin thinly. Let it absorb for a minute before starting the makeup. I like to apply this balm with my fingers. This way it melts and is very easy to apply evenly.
  • For those who are treating their skin issue, they might want to use this product as a face mask. In this case, the layer that you will apply should be thicker. Leave it for at least 5 minutes before washing your face completely. Since this is manufactured using all-natural ingredients, it is considered safe to use.
  • For nourishing your skin during autumn and winter, you may apply it for at least 3 times per week.

Complete Pixi Rose Flash Balm Review


Things I Like About Pixi Rose Flash Balm

Things I Like About Pixi Rose Flash Balm

As we mentioned above, this balm contains a high amount of antioxidants that protect our skin from damages. Too much sun exposure can be damaging to our skin cells. And don’t think that sun exposure only exists in summer. So you want these antioxidants all year round.

Antioxidants can improve the circulation which will promote the growth of new cells. It can also make our skin look younger. Rose Flash Balm will make your skin appear supple and plump. Rose water offers myriads of benefits. It controls the production of sebum and normalises the pH level of our skin. It also contains antibacterial properties that help in healing scars.


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