Career Inspiration For The Indecisive Individual

Career Inspiration For The Indecisive Individual

Choosing the perfect career can be a strenuous challenge. Whilst you don’t have to commit to one job for the rest of your life, it’s still a decision that you have to view as relatively permanent. You don’t want to be hopping from career to career on a regular basis. If you’re indecisive as to the route you should take then here’s some career inspiration based on different personality types and preferences.

Health-based careers.

If you’re the kind of person who lives to help others then this should be a deciding factor in the type of career you choose. Typical office roles might not appeal to you if they don’t directly impact the lives of others, but there are plenty of jobs out there that would allow you to make a real difference to other people. You might want to consider a career in the healthcare industry, for instance. Working as a nurse or even a doctor is a path that requires a lot of training and studying, but it’s an incredibly rewarding career for anybody with the right mentality.

If you want to help people either physically or mentally then this is the kind of industry that might suit you best. There are plenty of different career opportunities in this industry, so you don’t necessarily have to study for years to become a doctor. You might even want to go down the route of helping people with their emotional and social difficulties in life by becoming a counsellor. Again, it requires training, but you could start to study for an online masters in mental health counselling if you’re interested in this career path. For people who want to really make a difference to the lives of others, counselling is definitely the kind of career that would allow you to realise that goal.

Social careers.

If you’re a sociable person then this is definitely a personality trait that you should utilise in your career. For some people, a quiet job in an office cubicle is perfect, but others need social stimulation. If calls to customers on the phone isn’t enough then you might want to consider more outgoing careers. You could consider a career in event planning if you’re an organised person. Organising parties, weddings, or other events for people gives you the chance to socialise and have fun planning big gatherings. Or you could consider a career in sales if you’re a driven business professional. Charming clients to sell goods and services might be just up your street if you’re a sociable person.

Analytical careers.

Maybe you’ve always been skilled with numbers and logical thinking. If this is the case then you should pursue a career that allows you to be analytical. There are plenty of jobs that involve problem-solving and creative thinking. Forget a repetitive job role; you need something that challenges you on a mental level. Perhaps you could consider becoming a forensic analyst. That’s the kind of environment which offers different challenges with every passing day, and it depends entirely on problem-solving.


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