Best Products to Include into Office Makeup Kit for a Career Woman

Best Products to Include into Office Makeup Kit for a Career Woman

It is only natural that you want to stay fresh and beautiful when you work all day in the office. However, despite the thorough preparation and application of all needed makeup, we still look tired when we finish. Sweating, drinking, and eating will cause our makeup to vanish. Cheer up! By adding some basic products into your office makeup kit, you will have the power to solve this common concern. You will have the things that you need in order to maintain your freshness while handling the tough challenges at work.

Beauty Products That You Need in Your Office Makeup Kit

Here is my list of essential beauty products that working women need to include into their makeup bags.


Concealer or Foundation

Some people prefer to have extra 10 minutes sleep rather than to prepare for the office. For the base of your makeup, use a high-quality concealer that will hide the marks of the long working hours. In case you don’t have the time to apply your concealer, a compact foundation can definitely save you. Ensure that you add a travel-friendly foundation into your office makeup kit to avoid a disaster in your bag.

BB Cream

Do you ever want to achieve the glowing skins of celebrities? The BB Cream can do wonders on your dry and damaged skin. It will improve your skin tone and moisturise it. Look for a BB cream that provides an amazing coverage and has a great lasting time. It is also a budget product that you need to add to your office makeup kit.


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Perfume or Eau De Toilette

Who does not want the perfume to last all day long? But it’s not always the best decision to leave an expensive bottle of the perfume at the office desk. No worries, I have a solution for you!

Ensure you have a bottle of eau de toilette in your office kit. Spray some eau de toilette on your hair and behind the earlobes during the day. Fragrances latch onto fibers, which is why the strands of your hair will carry the scent of perfume for a long-lasting effect. Earlobes are a pulse point, where the body is warmer, which will serve to enhance the fragrance.

Kohl Pencil

People can be separated into two groups based on their preferred eye makeup. If you want that intense look, the black kajal pencil will definitely satisfy you. However, if you want a more lasting result, then I recommend the kohl pencil. The kohl pencil is a must-have in your office makeup kit. It may also function as an eyeliner.


For those who plan to add an eyeshadow to their office makeup kit, I would recommend an eyeshadow that you can blend using your fingers. It should give you that perfect definition and achieve the look that you want. It should also come with a brush that can be used as an eyeliner. Look for a product that you can wear on a daily basis. It must remain just as brilliant at the end of your day as in the morning when you first apply it.

Do’s and don'ts of the office makeup


Applying a good lipstick is a great way to keep you looking fresh and add some colour to your look. Make sure to choose a lipstick that complements your colour type. Lipstick is a personal choice; you need to choose a shade that suits your lifestyle and makes you confident. A simple application of lipstick can bring the glow onto your face which is why you need to have it in your office makeup kit. It will help you look tops, day or night.

Make sure that you carry these essential beauty products in your office makeup kit. That way you will always look beautiful and neat regardless of what the day has for you.


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