ARTDECO Arctic Beauty Collection | Review

Artdeco Arctic Beauty Collection

Arctic Beauty is the new glamour collection by ARTDECO. It was inspired by the iridescent spectrum of hues found within the Arctic’s ice crystals, auroras and glacial landscapes. These shimmering colours have inspired a beautiful palette of rose, mauve, silver and gold. The hero product in the collection is the Arctic Beauty Dust, a glitter powder in a vintage inspired glass bottle that will sit beautifully on any dressing table.

A little background…I remember myself using ARTDECO make-up, when I was a student in Kiev. As per now, I remember a huge ARTDECO make-up stand in a mall, where I used to go shopping. My favourite products of that time were single false eye lashes, eye shadows (*very buttery and easy to blend) and lipsticks. When I got a chance to try a new launch of ARTDECO Arctic Beauty make-up collection, I got very excited and really wanted to see if the quality is still high. Read my review and find out what I have tried and what are my thoughts about Arctic Beauty make-up collection.

New make-up launch autumn 2015

The Glam Stars Liquid Eyeliners, £7.60 has glitter particles embedded into a transparent gel texture, to provide a glamorous and glossy finish. The brush of this perfume-free liquid liner allows for easy-and-precise application. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved. I received mine in colour No. 11 platinum, it’s also available in No. 10 silvered teak. This liner will give you a good solid line of glitter. You don’t have to apply it many times to achieve a bold glittery line – one or maximum two times is more then enough. I like to apply it in the inner corners of my eyes to highlight, or as an eyeliner to make my eye colour pop! The only backside of the eye liner that I’ve noticed is that it gives me an itchy eyes for the first couple of minutes after application. But I have noticed, that once it’s dried, my skin feels ok again. It’s probably because I have a sensitive skin, I don’t know. Apart from this, it’s perfect, I like it!

The perfume-free Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream, £7.40 in No. 8 starlight rosé lends a subtle sheen to the eyes, cheeks and décolleté. Oh yes, this product is my favourite! This shimmer cream gives you a lot of sparkles. The formula of the product helps these sparkles to stick to your skin. I haven’t noticed any fall outs, totally recommend!

ARTDECO Arctic Beauty Dust

The hero product of the collection is the Arctic Beauty Dust, £22.30. This luxuriously transparent dust comes in a vintage glass bottle and is perfect for spritzing on the chest, arms or hair for added sparkle and shine. The glitter powder is infused with a subtle hint of vanilla, to leave you smelling gorgeous.  Available in starlight rosé. I have a feeling that many girls will love this product just because of it’s package! This Arctic Beauty Dust is not an every day make-up product. But it’s amazing for nights out and date nights, I believe. As for me, I had already decided that on a Christmas night I will apply this dust all over my body and maybe hair. It’s fantastic!

Gluten and mineral oil free, these Glam Stars Lip Glosses, £12.20 make lips shimmer and shine. The pleasantly scented gloss with flock applicator provides full, even gleaming lips with high durability and optimal opacity. Available in No. 31 glam frozen orchid, No. 33 glam frozen rose and No. 35 glam frozen flower. I received mine in glam frozen orchid and rose. I really like the colours and the texture of the lip gloss. Thanks to it’s glittery formula, this gloss makes your lips look fuller and very seductive. I love it!

The Arctic Beauty Blush, £22.30 ice garden offers the perfect combination of three delicate shades with a light shimmer. The blusher leaves a fine finish on the cheeks and the elegant texture is packed with enhanced colour brilliance and durability. Mineral sericite provides a delicately light feeling on the skin. Lanolin, mineral oil, paraben and perfume-free. To be 100 % honest with you, of course I like this product because of the snow flake imprint to it. Who will not like it? It also has a beautiful rose shade – you can achieve a lighter or darker shade, depending on which parts of the product you will decide to use.

Artdeco art couture nail lacquer

The Art Couture Nail Lacquers, £10.50 are high-tech nail varnishes that use patented ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and brilliant shine, while the high pigment content ensures a true rich colour with high opacity. The clever gel-based film-forming agent ensures a short drying time and the precision length, width and rounding of the Tynex fibre brush, guarantees a high level of precision for flawlessly painted nails. The lacquers all contain nourishing ingredients of amino peptides, panthenol, vitamins A, C and E and phycorail, a moisturising seaweed extract. Available in  No. 04 couture crushed ice,  No. 08 couture frozen land, No. 608 couture pearl and No. 955 couture ice flower. I’m wearing couture frozen land on my fingers and couture ice flower on my toes. I’ve noticed that it was easy to apply, nail polish wears for a long time, doesn’t chip or move. It’s good!

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  1. Stephanie
    5th November 2015 / 6:53 pm

    Looks lovely! Such pretty products!

    • 6th November 2015 / 10:45 am

      I like it! It nice and beautiful. Good quality as well
      Yuliya x

    • 6th November 2015 / 10:47 am

      Oh yes, it is for sure pretty!

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