An Interview with Steph Elswood

Steph Elswood interview

Steph Elswood is an up and coming health, food and fitness blogger based in London. Having graduated from the Urdang Academy in 2015 Steph has amerced herself into health and fitness. She fast becomes one of UK’s most up and coming health food bloggers. Steph had created a ‘healthychefsteph’ in 2015. I got the opportunity to interview Steph and find out what made her begin her journey within the health and fitness industry and what she hopes to achieve in the future. 

Yuliya: When did you first develop an interest in health and fitness?

Steph Elswood: In my first year at Dance Uni I had a class called ‘Healthy Performer’. It educated us as thespians to ensure we were fuelling our bodies sufficiently. It was then that I realised how filthy my diet was and I began to make changes. I started my Instagram blog ‘HealthyChefSteph’ at the end of my second year.

Yuliya: How did you get your ‘Big Break’ in the industry?

Steph Elswood: I wouldn’t say that I’ve had a ‘big break’ as such. I started this blog without really knowing its potential. It began as an online diary to encourage me to lead a healthier lifestyle. Originally I was very secretive about it! Through it I have had some incredible experiences. I guess my ultimate favourite would be that Nike noticed me and flew me to Stockholm to participate in their NTC tour!

Yuliya: What makes your blog different to all the other blogs out there?

Steph Elswood: I think my blog is slightly different as I’m not a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist. I’m just a normal girl, who enjoys healthy food and going to the gym! I also like to incorporate some of my personal life to make it a little more interesting and to be as real as possible.healthychefsteph

Yuliya: What inspires you the most?

Steph Elswood: I would say my friends inspire me the most. I have met so many amazing people through this industry and Instagram and seeing them progress and improve makes me want to do the same!

Yuliya: What is an average 9-5 day like for you?

Steph Elswood: The beauty of this industry is my days are never the same! Different events and activities are always happening! One thing that is constant, though, is I always do some sort of exercise.


Yuliya: What would you say are the biggest challenges you face working in the blogosphere and fitness industry?

Steph Elswood: I think the hardest thing about blogging is striving for perfection. Now that my following is gradually growing I have people watching every move. I felt on edge for a very long time not wanting to let people down! I’m slowly learning that it’s ok not to have abs all year round as it’s not sustainable for me and that people actually like that I treat myself to chocolate and cake every so often. It’s hard to see if a person is real from their Instagram profile so I am trying to be as honest as I can be!Steph Elswood from healthychefsteph

Yuliya: What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Steph Elswood: Meeting new people and learning! I had zero confidence before starting my blog. The thought of having to hold a conversation with strangers scared me! Now I’m excited to go out of my comfort zone and get to know other bloggers. Also having so many people doing the same thing, and so many classes in London, I have learnt so much about training myself and I love it!

Yuliya: What females in the industry inspire you the most?

Steph Elswood: I follow so many inspiring girls on Instagram. One being my best friend Chessie King. She is just so full of happiness and sunshine and has such a positive message to share with the world.

There is another girl called Tiphany Adams from the States. She suffered a terrible accident that left her in a wheelchair. She is determined to get the movement back in her legs. This industry can be very superficial at times and all about getting the right angle so your bum looks great.. With her, it’s about her journey and how you can find positivity and determination out of something so awful.

Yuliya: What do you do after a long day at the ‘office’?

Steph Elswood: A lot of the work I do is on a mobile phone. Always taking photos and always posting on Instagram. One thing I do to wind down is colouring! It may sound childish but just half an hour with my colouring book and felt tips, I instantly relax.interview with healthy chef steph elswood

Yuliya: Whats your favourite recipe from ‘Healthychefsteph’?

Steph Elswood: I love making protein waffles! Top them with anything I fancy and could eat them all day long! I also love stir fries. My favourite has to be my chicken and peanut butter!

Yuliya: What is your aim/goals for the feature with ‘Healthychefsteph’?

Steph Elswood: I would love to eventually have my own book out with all my own recipes for people to try! And this may be a long shot… But I love Cooking Shows… I would love my own!

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Steph Elswood and found it useful. Make sure to check my interview with the London-based model and my good friend Rebecca Pearson

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