A Table Of Trouble: Common Issues We Can All Experience At Our Work Desk

We’ve all felt chained to our desk in some way at some point. Perhaps you’re trying to be creative, but the computer isn’t playing ball, or you’ve got an annoying coworker just hovering in your peripheries, being in work can be draining, mentally, physically, and psychologically. As such, we’ve got to know the issues that we can all experience during our 9 to 5, but also, what we can do to overcome these things?

Annoying Computer Problems

Partly it’s due to the IT department, but partly, it’s us. Sometimes, leaving a computer on for the whole week can result in numerous problems that you could have just sorted by turning your computer off at the end of the night. If, for example, your Mac is overheating, and you think that Macs are completely invincible, you might want to learn how to fix a Mac overheating issue. Computer problems are one of those things they don’t seem to go away. Unfortunately, it’s about riding it out. Besides, if your computer is taking a while to update, get up, go away from the desk and think about what else you can do to make the most of that time. Take a break, or give yourself the opportunity to stretch your legs.

The Mid Afternoon Lull

Something we battle with every day; if you feel that immense pressure to fall asleep at your desk, but you can’t get up from it, you’ve got to think about ways in which to keep yourself awake and alert. If you’re someone that works at the phones, the temptation to yawn is right there. It’s all about shocking the body, especially if you feel that you are drifting off, or struggling to focus. There is a lot to be said about splashing cold water on your face. But also, that mid-afternoon lull is partly due to a full stomach. If you want to minimize that, think about eating better throughout the day, and avoiding those greasy, unhealthy, fatty carbs. 

A Difficult Coworker

Yes, they are coming over yet again. And you might have been nice to them before, but now every conversation feels like it’s chipping away at your ability to keep a lid on your sanity. If they’re someone that nitpicks, or they like to start arguments, it has a major impact on getting anything done. But what you can do is learn the art of removing your ego. Ultimately, you don’t have to like them; you just need to work with them. And if they are someone who can’t let anything go, and they have to win, let the baby have their bottle. Ultimately, we’ve got to retain some sort of moral high ground, especially when it’s so tempting to delve into verbal fights. We have to trust that these things are being noticed by the powers that be. And if not, there are ways and means to do this in a constructive manner.

If you feel chained to your desk, you’re not alone, but these three issues are the tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day, if you want to be happy in your working environment, you’ve got to think about turning your desk into a more harmonious place to be. 


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