3 Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

3 Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Our skin is comprised of dermis and epidermis. The former is the one holding the components that moisturise the skin and make the epidermis to glow. Skin dryness occurs when the water retention capacity of the dermis is reduced, making epidermis stiff and dry. Among the factors that cause skin dryness are: reduction of hyaluronic acid, reduction of skin’s collagen levels and negative effects of free radicals. Exposure to excess UV light can also increase the skin dryness, provoking cracks and dark spots on your skin. It is, therefore, good to have makeup tips for dry skin that will revive your beauty and help restore the skin’s health.

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  1. Use Liquid and Cream Makeup

Creams and liquid cosmetic products penetrate the skin pores perfectly, leading to enhanced beauty effects that will leave you with a glowing skin. When you apply creams, they help to increase the volume of fluids in your skin resulting in a better hydration throughout the day. The only thing you should be cautious about is that some of those creams are not safe for long-term use. So make sure to choose competent and safe brands. Put it on your list of makeup tips for dry skin. Try using all-natural products as much as possible because they are tolerated by the skin nicely.


  1. Remove Dead Skin Cells

The skin tends to appear dull and rough when it is not cleaned for long. This is because of the increased number of dead cells on the skin. Dead cells prevent moisturisers from penetrating your skin as they block the pores. You can efficiently and painlessly remove dead skin cells by scrubbing your skin with a mixture of honey and sugar. Sugar removes dead skin cells while honey moisturises the skin. The good thing is that both of these ingredients are cheap and safe and you probably always have them in the cupboard.

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  1. Choose the Right Formula

Skin dryness can occur due to the reduction in collagen and the fluid called sebum. When you choose the creams and supplements, make sure that you choose the ones with formulas that add collagen and moisture to your skin. Some of the formulas even have hyaluronic acid, that is a powerful element that is responsible for water retention capacity of your skin. Using powders and facial lightening products will not help. On the contrary, they can even contribute to the skin dryness. Makeup for dry skin needs to be directed towards eliminating dryness and adding moisture to the skin layers.

To conclude, first look what causes your skin dryness before you start applying the makeup. Some people have dry skin due to exposure to certain chemicals and once those chemicals are removed away from them, they get a nice looking skin. Others experience skin dryness because they have nutritional deficiencies of vitamins, and once they take enough vitamins, their skin starts to become well hydrated. Makeup tips for dry skin work for those who have no underlying health condition that causes the dryness.


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