10 things we should be doing for the environment in this day and age 

doing for the environment

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  1. Re-cycle your paper (if using any). What I tend to do is, I recycle all the paper that comes my way, any print outs, mail and so on. Since I do blogging and tend to write a lot, I just write on the other side of the print out using it as a draft paper. Afterwards, I recycle it even more by using it as a paper for the fireplace, making the origami with my nephew and lastly, put it in a paper bin outside for it to be recycled even more.

  1. Even though I am a fashion stylist and a fashion blogger, I tend to buy less clothing. I use an idea of a perfect versatile wardrobe where every piece of clothing has its function and place. I buy high-quality clothing that lasts for longer, plus I don’t buy clothes too often. By buying the clothes of better quality, I avoid purchasing the clothes very often. I had a project with COTTON USA – a producer of organic cotton – at the beginning of my “blogging career” https://yukovablog.co.uk/style-evolution/ and I am very proud of this project. We talked about the fact that fashion industry is very dangerous for the environment and that it is important to support the sustainable fashion brands and research the brand well enough before you trust the label that says “sustainable”, “organic” and so on. 

  1. Buy fewer products and don’t get overexcited about the “2 for 1”, “buy one get 2nd 50% off” offers. This way companies are trying to sell you more products, and we understand this. They are just in business and trying to make money. But, let’s be honest, how much of the products you throw away because they passed the expiry date and you did not have a chance to eat it? I always try to organise my “food plan” for the week and make sure I don’t buy more then I will be able to eat. In fact, I buy 70% from my shopping (weekly supply), because I know from the experience, sometimes I get invited to the events, sometimes I forget to eat etc. Additionally, if I have food in the fridge that will expire tomorrow, I either eat it or freeze it, so it does not get wasted.

  1. Clean after yourself, use bins, don’t leave your coffee cups in the underground coaches. I have noticed a lot of coffee cups and plastic sandwich bags left in the trains. I think it’s easy to clean after yourself – you keep the Planet cleaner + the rest of the travellers enjoy the clean train. Thanks! 

  1. Get yourself a reusable water and coffee/teacups. It’s not just an easy way to support the environment, it’s also a great way to save some money. Lots of coffee places these days offer a discount if you come with your own cup. Why not use this opportunity to help the planet by using fewer paper cups (and sleeves!!!) + benefit your bank account? Same for the shopping bag. Do you still buy plastic bags? Please don’t!

  1. Find ways to re-use your clothes. First of all, as I mention, buy the clothes that are going to last for longer + fitting your style perfectly, so you are actually using it. Once you are tired of it, bring your clothes to charity, give it to a friend, send it to the shelters, – a lot of people can use your “old clothes” with pleasure and they need it. Some of the old t-shirts are also great for using them as cleaning cloths. My mum always recycle old t-shirts this way and this is what I have learnt to do as wellThis way you will reduce the number of cleaning clothes bought. 

  1. Use public transport and your car responsibly. If you need to get somewhere close nearby, try to walk sometimes. Reduce using the cars that pollute the air (I mean, get yourself a Tesla, haha!); use more of public transport, share the taxi with somebody, bicycle, walk. Roller skates anyone?!

  1. I think it’s also a great idea to buy from your local farm. This way the food does not need to “travel” far to get to the shops + you support your local business and community.

  1. Why not try to grow something yourself in your garden, your balcony or even in the pot? It’s easy to grow some vegetables such as tomato, sweet pea, peppers, basil etc. If you have children, they will enjoy doing it with you! So again, you benefit twice!

  1. And lastly, if you have an influence, try to be “vocal” about the environment these days. Talk about the things that worry you and try to find a way to help the environment with your friends. Create a community and “Save the Planet” 1 hour a week by cleaning the park, watering the garden for an old neighbour who needs help, go to the charity and see if they need any help. There are plenty of things we can do to save the environment, they are easy and usually, don’t take much effort. It’s all about how responsible you are at the end of the day! 

What are you doing for the environment? Please let me know in the comments below!

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