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I love lush oxford street

Hi guys, I love Lush Oxford street. Therefore I’d like to share with you a second part of my Lush project – an interview with the most amazing and inspiring member of stuff at Lush Oxford Street store – Alex. I had a great chance to have a full Lush shop tour with him, when I’ve managed to ask millions of questions. I hope you will enjoy to read some answers to my questions and let me know in the comments. if you would like to know something else! I will try to answer all your questions.

Yuliya: Oxford Street store is a flagship store. Could you tell me when it was opened?

Alex: Lush Oxford Street store opened on the 24th April 2015, this is a largest store in the Lush World. 

Yuliya: How many shop assistants you have in the store during the average shift?

Alex: It varies day to day, but at the moment we’d be looking at about a hundred per day, including our amazing stock team, SPA therapists and receptionists.

Yuliya: What is the most sold product at Lush Oxford Street store? How many of them do you sell every day in average?

Alex: New shampoo bar. We have sold 25,291 since we’ve opened! That’s an average of 140 bars a day. The Experimenter bath bomb and Intergalactic bath bomb have also been super popular and a key product within customers.

Yuliya: What is your the most commonly asked question by customers?

Alex: Currently, it’s What is an exclusive and new for the festive season?

Yuliya: What are the exclusive ranges you have only at Oxford street store?

Alex: We have many exclusives at the Oxford Street. We have a lot of exclusive hair care products, wash sheets, bath oils, soaps.

Yuliya: Could you tell me a bit more about Charity pot and what the proceeds are going towards?

Alex: Charity Pot consists of ingredients from our Slush fund. 2% buying budget goes to helping people. All proceeds (not VAT) go straight to helping small grassroots charity. we only love to help Human Rights, Environmental and Animal charities. The recent charities we’ve helped are Animal Aid, Leeds No Borders, RhiNOremedy, Stonehenge Alliance. You can always find out about more charities that we help, if you look at the lid of a Charity Pot.

Yuliya: Who creates new products? Is there a totally new product in this year’s Christmas range?

Alex: We have a very talented bunch of inventors, who always try to create innovative products. The founders of the company still create our products. Lush is a family business. Clair Constantine is a head manager. Jack Constantine is a creator of the many bath ballistics, he likes to play around how fast the bath bomb fizzes, if it floats, foams away, spins around etc. Simon Constantine is very keen on the fragrance range. Mo Constantine is big on skincare and massage bars.

Yuliya: What’s your personal favourite product from Lush and why?

Alex: Don’t make me answer this! 🙂 I really love the Buche De Noel facial cleanser. It includes cranberries, satsumas and a drop of brandy in it. It’s a lovely one for a Christmas and around the winter time! It also has an organic cocoa butter in it that helps to moisturise your skin.

Yuliya: Are their any events you are holding for the public during the festive season.

Alex: Lush Oxford Street is big about the shopping experience. We have story teller sessions, who talks about the inspiration behind some products. If you check out Facebook page, we always post some updates. We are opening a Scented Cinema with only 14 seats. films are going to be played all day for free.

Yuliya: I know, you have a Lush SPA in Oxford street shop and some more across the country. Because Lush cares about animals a lot (you are cruelty-free and fighting animal testing) were you thinking about creating a SPA for pets, for example cat’s wash or dog’s pampering sessions?

Alex: We are huge animal lovers and adore our furry friends. Our SPA therapists are trained for 4 month at a time to treat bodies with beautiful essential oils. Pets need a different kind of treatment, so we’d rather leave that to the experts and concentrate on making our human clientele feel as relaxed and pampered as possible!

P.S. I’m actually going to visit a private opening of the Scented Cinema tonight at Lush Oxford Street. Keep an eye on my Instagram page to see what it’s like!

So, from 5th to 24th December 2015 everyone is free to visit scented cinema twice a day. I highly recommend to book your tickets (*up to 2) in advance considering how busy Lush Oxford Street is! Just call them and they will save space for you and your friend/love/etc.

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