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Hi guys, I’d like to review some tribal accessories for you – why do I like them and how would I style them. The weirdest thing is, I haven’t bought these accessories during my holiday in South Africa. I actually saw them in-store before my trip and realised that it’s a perfect fit for any summer holidays, especially for the one I was planning in Kruger National Park! Tribal accessories are something that will always give your outfits a WOW factor. They work for you, emphasise your style and to be honest make you feel better!

Tribal accessories I am reviewing this week

This week I bring to you accessories that can transform your old, dull or simply just black wardrobe into a bright, trendy and fun collection. Both accessories can be worn together or separately depending on the desired look. Mix them, play with them, enjoy.

Mustard Bead and Black Cord Necklace

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to the Mustard Bead and Black Cord Necklace from Dorothy Perkins. What initially drew me to this necklace was its African tribal design. At the time of purchasing, I was planning my trip to South Africa and it seemed as a must buy an accessory. The blue, mustard and white beads caught my eye straight away – they are actually my current favourite colours! The blue glitter ball beads making the necklace something you could wear at night as well as in the day.

What if you are not going to South Africa or on holiday?

Don’t Panic! This necklace is not just a summer or even winter sun holiday item. It is something that can be worn all year round. The black cord and deep blue beads make this necklace something you can wear on a wet and rainy day as well as in the height of summer.

yellow square ring

Secondly, I would like to bring your attention to another accessory from Dorothy Perkins. It is their Yellow Square RingThe ring caught my eye due to its a yellow bead-like stone. Having just found the perfect necklace for my trip, I thought I couldn’t live without a ring that matches perfectly! Had to buy it. The ring is predominately made up of a silver looking metal (*classy but won’t break the bank balance) with a beautiful yellow square stone detail. The yellow is subtle and not overpowering. It balancing out the necklace perfectly when worn together or as a simple finishing touch if worn by itself.

london fashion blogger Yukova

How did I style these two pieces?

As I brought the two accessories for my holiday, my first look would be pairing the two with my lime silk wide-leg jumpsuitI bought it from Zara last summer and absolutely love this jumpsuit for so many reasons! Firstly, the material – silk screams luxury to me. However, a simple V-neck front design and wide-legged bottoms make this elegant outfit perfect for drinks after a safari or simply lounging by the pool. Secondly, comfort – every girl know the saying Beauty is Pain. Well not with this jumpsuit. The beauty is all there with no pain at all. Super comfy and easy to wear, you can’t go wrong with this outfit!

Pairing both a necklace and a ring with this jumpsuit added fun and culture to what would be a simple classic outfit.

How else would I style them?

I am totally aware that not everyone is going to be jetting off on holiday. So here is my casual day look for you. I would pair the necklace with a deep green roll neck jumper and Dorothy Perkins black mini skirt. Adding these tribal accessories will really make your work colleagues and friends envious! 

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  1. 25th January 2016 / 11:02 pm

    That yellow dress is utterly stunning on you! The tribal trend is so real!! I love it!! Must invest in some accessories. You nailed the look.

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