Night Repair Serum by Lee Stafford

Night Repair Serum by Lee Stafford

Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on Night Repair Serum by Lee Stafford. I’m not sure if many of you are aware, but I suffer from dry hair because I used to dye my hair very often. Going from dark to blonde and blonde to dark… and back! – until I said enough. Now, as a result, I have to use nourishing masks, oils, sprays and conditioners to try and allow my hair to repair itself. But it’s ok with me, even if it seems like a lot of affording, I love to take care of myself and try new beauty and hair products. And I always aim to share my honest opinion about them with you!

What is Night Repair Serum by Lee Stafford?

This overnight serum with PRO-ARGAN complex, £12.99 is designed to repair hair during the night, when your hair is free from the stress of the environment. Argan oil was originally used in countries such as Morocco. For hundreds of years Berbers women have been using this oil to keep their locks looking luscious and long.

What does Night Repair Serum look like

What does Night Repair Serum look like?

This product comes in a tube-like bottle and is 100ml in size. The product itself is a white cream based formula similar to a conditioner in texture. The bottle has a pump top, which allows the product to come out easily making it easy to apply. It also has a lid so that no product can leak onto other products or clothes while travelling or in your storage.

How do you apply Night Repair Serum?

Actually, I don’t use this product overnight. I tend to use it when styling my hair. After I have washed and conditioned my hair, I tend to use Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco Coconut spritz, which was recently featured on my blog. After I have sprayed my hair, I take one pump of the serum (*one pump last for all of my hair. If you have short hair I would only suggest half a pump) and apply to my hair from mid-length to the ends. Then I brush my hair through and blow-dry as normal. I always see a noticeable softness to my hair once it is dry. I think this product is great for using every day when generally styling your hair.

Beauty Tip: I would not use this product when creating curls in your hair. This product makes your hair silky and soft. I found that my curls did not stay in as well when I had used this product.
lee stafford argan oil from morocco night repair serum review

What do I like/dislike about Night Repair Serum?

I really love the packaging of this product. The bottle looks sleek and stylish whilst the orange and red colours complement each other well. I love the way this product makes my hair feel and it allows my hair to be manipulated a lot easier when styling. I wouldn’t be able to even brush my hair without it!

I would say that the only negative to this product is that you do have to be careful with the amount you use. When I used this product overnight, I found that my hair had gone hard and straw lie overnight. My reasoning behind this is that I used too much product and my hair could not accept it, so the serum just dried on top of my hair. I will try to use this product overnight again and will let you know what I think.

best hair repairing product Where can I buy Night Repair Serum?

I would recommend to buying Lee Stafford products at Boots because very often they do good offers on them. Check out Lee Stafford website to find out about all the products, watch styling videos and make a correct choice!

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  1. 13th October 2016 / 3:45 pm

    Great post, thanks for sharing! It can be quite a struggle to find good hair products that really live up to their name. But it’s great when you find a product like this that can make all the difference to the maintenance of your tresses.

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