Why Choose Hair Removal by Lasers?

Why Choose Hair Removal by Lasers?

Let’s talk about hair and hair removal! I guess many people wouldn’t like to talk about it too much, but I really want to raise this topic with you, because I have hair, I remove it and I want to share my thoughts!

You just finished putting on your makeup in the mirror, but all you can see is the facial hair on your upper lip.  Or maybe you are trying on new shorts for summer and all you see is hair all over your legs. Perhaps you want to snuggle closer to your significant other, but all you can think of is the hair on your back. There are many reasons why people want to have unwanted hair removed from various parts of their body. Self-image matters.

Laser hair removal might be the right answer for you.  Before deciding, you need to look at the facts about this type of treatment.

Does it Take a Lot of Time to do a Hair Removal?

Home methods of hair removal – shaving, waxing, tweezing – can be done at your convenience. Going to a cosmetic practice is done by appointment and not on a whim.  That’s true. However, spas have a wider appointment time than they used to in order to meet the client’s needs.  You can schedule an appointment at almost any hour these days, so it isn’t much of an inconvenience anymore.

Depending on what area is being treated, such as both legs or just a small area of the face, the appointment can take as short as thirty minutes to over an hour.  Since there are so many clinics available now, you should easily find one locally. That means minimal travel time for you and more time spent doing other things.

How Much Will it Hurt?

Laser hair removal works by using a specific spectrum of light to heat the hair follicle until it destroys the root. Some people will experience that sensation of heat and it can be a bit uncomfortable. (*in fact, when I was doing a laser hair removal I felt a little bit of discomfort, but to be honest is not so much!) A few clients feel as if an elastic band was snapping against their skin. Your certified, trained technician can apply a topical numbing agent to the area to alleviate whatever discomfort you feel while being treated. Newer medical grade lasers also have a cooling device attached to alleviate the heating sensation.  The fact is, hair removal lasers are not nearly as painful as waxing. It does take longer, but it’s much better in a long-term!

Is it Expensive?

In the short term, shaving and waxing are inexpensive. If you look at how much time  and money you spend repeating these at home methods over a few years, you might be shocked to discover just how much they really cost you.  Then consider that they are a never ending process and it becomes mind numbing to think about.

When you choose laser hair removal treatments, it may seem expensive (*and it is expensive in one go, but…). It will take several sessions to remove most of the hair more permanently. However, when you consider how much you will save over time, both financially and time-wise, it really is worth the investment.  It frees up a lot of your time, leaving your worry free. For example, now, I don’t spend money on waxing at all.

Is it worth it?

Professional laser hair removal treatments reduce the growth of hair and can even be permanent with repeated treatments. It means what little hair might grow back is much finer than what you started with. Is it worth your time and money to get this kind of results? Is it worth the convenience of not having to break out the razor each time before you go out? That’s for you to decide.

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