African Boma

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Hi guys, I continue to share my South African adventures and today I’d love to tell you about African Boma! First of all, may I take a second of your time and say that I can’t even believe my trip came to the end. They say that holiday always goes the quickest. And that’s true, 11 days flew so quick there. Even though I’m in London, sitting on my desk, going through all the amazing photographs from safari and day trips, I still remember how cool was to find out about the African Boma and have this fantastic experience.

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African Boma

If I can simplify it for you, African boma is what we call barbecue in the UK. But the difference is huge. Boma is an outdoor experience, which includes setting up the (*real) fire with wood; preparing fresh food and wrapping it in the foil, so it keeps all the juices; having wine or other drinks; chatting and enjoying the nature; and finally a dinner under the stars with friends and family, while soaking in the sounds and ambiance of the African night.

I had an amazing chance to experience African boma with my parents. As you may know from the previous South African story, my family owns a house in Kruger National Park. This is a place, where we all gather to spend some good time together, go safari to see Big 5 animals and explore SA in general.

I told my parents, that when you live in a huge and quick city like London, most of the times you don’t have a second to stop. That’s why they have decided to show me how to make and enjoy boma. They believed I will love it, and they were right! Firstly, I was waiting for an action to happen immediately. But then I understood that it was time for me to relax, listen to night’s sounds, enjoy the colours of the fire, notice different smells and look at the incredibly bright stars. I had never seen as many stars in my life, I promise you!

I hope you all will have a chance in your life to experience African boma. I forgot how easy it is to be happy and content! If you don’t have a chance to visit South Africa, try going to the parks every weekend. you will notice how good you will feel after spending some time in nature.

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What I’m Wearing

ASOS straw hat | Miss Selfridge white top | Topshop Edinburgh green backpack | Zara Bermuda shorts | Daisy Street lace-up heeled sandals

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